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Erotic Destinations Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-07-03
Last Updated: 2013-09-19

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A wonderful art photographer created this incredible erotic site. When you first enter the member's page, you are greeted by a warm welcome, and then you have some stupendous choices to make. Are you going to want to view the pictures as 400X600, 500X750, or 600X900? I, of course, chose the best!

You will then be able to scroll down and see the latest updates, with thumbnails of the models involved. It shows the name of the model, the birth date, and the date she was added to the site.

Martin Krake is the artist who takes us along on his trips where he photographs some of the most amazing models in even more amazing places! His choices of not only the models, but the locations where he takes his remarkable photos, are extremely impressive.

His reputation precedes him, for he is extremely selective and downright fastidious. None of his models do their own makeup, and best yet, none of them have had their bodies worked upon in any manner, so that you are seeing the model as she was conceived and born!

The true artist that is Martin Krake is very evident when he takes shots of the models outdoor, where there is no artificial lighting to utilize, and the photographer must be aware of shadows created on the human body from sunlight, which makes taking outdoor shots much more difficult than indoor shots. His ingenuity with the camera shines through, as you will see. He never works indoors, prefers the outdoors, and is a magician at his craft!

Thus far, there are 56 models that can be found in the works that span from 2001 to 2010. There are more pictures available that were taken prior to 2001 kept in the archives. I love that you can look for shots/videos via name, birth date, hair color, and other parameters.

The videos are an absolute work of art! You will see them in either DivX or in WMV format. No matter, you will be awed at how great a videographer he is too! The ladies are videographed in natural locations, such as castle ruins that allows one to juxtapose nature with the model. His selections of the background music, when applicable, are also impeccable.

There are over 335 videos available for your viewing pleasure, with those running on average of about 8 minutes. There is a Flash built in browser so that there's no waiting for the movies to play. There are weekly updates consisting of one video and one photo shoot weekly. With no license restrictions, you may download at will.

There are over 421 photo shoots. Most of them have an average of about 60 pictures in each. These are of course HI res. pictures, and they do come in Zipped format for ease in downloading. The travelogues that are in the site itself are absolutely worth reading, both for descriptions of the work, as well as the laughs that are shared by everyone during the travel. Yep there are some bad moments too!


In conclusion, if you love beautiful women and find them erotic, you will love this site. All models are nude but their nudity is captured tastefully and sensuously. The site is a perfect blend of ephemeral European model beauty combined with a number of marvelous exotic European locations. The rest is pure magic.

Score: 50


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Cheap


Videos 335+ video clips (about 8 min each)
Pictures 421+ galleries (about 60 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Incredible artistry
  • Hi res. pictures
  • Zipped photo shoots
  • Hi def. videos
  • September, 2009 is the last Journey Report - a shame
  • Needs more search parameters

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