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Reviewed by: Dave on 2009-05-28
Last Updated: 2009-05-28

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India is a large country with its 28 States and 7 Union Territories where over 1.2 billion people happily live! The democratic upbringing of this fascinating and mysterious part of the globe promotes a sector that believe in free sex and enticing women - bred by the importance of a "Desi" Papa - or Indian Papa as the local jargon names the local Indians. Something like the mature websites of the western world! Not really that in the true sense as Desi Papa is a general adult oriented site that concentrates on the 'Kamasutra' inclination of the alluring females of this vast land.

Let us go into the world of intense imagination and grandeur. Think of millions of sexy women frisking around a sub-continent and found in almost every nook and corner of society. The average Western visitor to Asiatic magnificence can be spellbound when he first embarks on such a hot journey. Desi Papa provides almost all the ingredients of a spicy condiment in the shape of enticing females enacting the more thrilling of that first 'sin'.

Having said all this we delve into the details of this website. Desi Papa started off with some degree of popularity along with its counterpart Desi Baba etc and other known Indian Adult sites. The images could be better and sharper as can the videos. Though the quality is average one goes away feeling that the website could offer a better deal. There are quite some restrictions like not allowing downloading widgets and having less frequent updates of the videos etc. Nevertheless, the women occasionally show a lot of promise with their sensual nature and mysterious looks. It is refreshing to see that the website accommodates women from the entire sub-continent and not only India. Some Arabic blood can also be tasted! The layout appears unique even though the images and videos may not have differences from other websites. Just look at the native caricature for various categories and titles that elaborate the local flavor. Many may not understand the language and words missing the gist of what the webmaster are trying to bring forward. However, if there is somewhere one can make recommendations we would like to point out that the local jargon could be accompanied with simple translations to guide the visitor in a better way.

There is ample choice of the videos and you can download them in the normal way through your browser. The website competes well with similar genre like India Passion, India Uncovered, and Indian Pleasure etc. It is quite interesting to search through the ladies, categories, and clip pictures to locate what one finds tempting. The layout is a bit random so that one has to go around a bit to make a plan of future browsing or downloading. We do get the knowledge of the vast diversity of Indian women when checking out the videos and pictures.


Desi Papa is an average website for Indian and Asian adult content. It has its attractive points and one can find some very sensual clips or videos that update mostly by the month. Comparing this site with others in the Indian category place Desi Papa in the middle of the genre range.

Score: 76


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 1542+ video clips (about 50 min each)

Pros & Cons

  • Diverse Indian and sub-continent coverage.
  • Attractive landing page for categories description and imaging.
  • Fair navigation.
  • Average video quality.
  • User friendly nature to be implemented
  • Limitations in download methods
  • Better Update frequency is desired
  • Good for a rainy day!

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