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Crazy College GFs Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2014-04-15
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Well, what do you think of when we say the words "college girls?" Yep, we're both on the same page, you think public sex, blatant acts of debauchery, fucking crazy shit! Well, that's what they are saying about it themselves, so it really sounds good. What this site does is to gather not just pictures, but videos that are submitted by college girls themselves. There is a certain pride in being more adult than one was in high school, and thus the girls are proud of what they have accomplished sexually. Hormones are flying of course, but we knew that.

For example in one of the videos, we see that the students are all taking a test. One of the guys who is apparently wearing a camera writes on his paper that he'll pay 20 to see a female student flash her tits, and then he lets the girl next to him see the note. She shakes her head, as does the girl next to her, but then another girl is asked and she's all for it. She makes sure the teacher is not watching, and pulls up her top to flash him, and she earns the 20. The students giggle and the teacher asks for quiet as the 20 bill is passed to the flasher.

Then too, there are girls in the shower who just arrogantly thrust their tits out at the camera when a camera intrudes. Some of the girls even do a little dance for the camera, having lost all inhibitions when entering college. You will get to see these teens giving their boyfriends blowjobs everywhere such as under bleachers, in the car as he is driving, or perhaps backstage during a class presentation.

In another video there is a gorgeous girl sitting in the last row of a bus filled with college students. Her girlfriend has a camera, and the coed decides to pull aside her shorts and masturbate for the camera, being incredibly careful that no one realizes what's going on in the last row of course. Certainly her pussy has been completely shaved and she keeps having to wet her fingers in order to make it feel as good as it looks, but eventually she has herself a very nice cum, right there as the bus keeps traveling to wherever they are all going, and no one is aware of what just happened to her. For a finale, she tells her girlfriend to take the camera forward on the bus, and she flashes her tits at the camera. Thus yet another typical college coed prank is pulled that would get her kicked out of college if she'd been caught!

The site is brand new, yet it already has 26 such videos for you to see. It's really great to read about the video prior to watching it, as they have set up each video well by writing about it very graphically. By being able to read the full description, one can pay better attention to the hot stuff simply knowing when it's going to take place, and knowing what to look for.

The majority of the videos run for about 20 minutes so that there is tons of time for you to get involved in the movie. Their movies are viewed by using their Flash found in the browser, and streaming the movies. The streamer works very well indeed, and will put out streams that are sized 920 x 516. Granted this is certainly not Hi Def but considering the source the quality is quite acceptable. The one thing that one can be very thankful for is the fact that it is all hardcore. There is loads of fucking and plenty of it takes place outdoors and in other strange and exciting places.

Each of the videos here also has pictures. Generally, there are about 120 pictures accompanying each video. The contents are actually a healthy mix of both vidcaps and actual photosets. The producers have been rather generous though, and they have Zipped each of those photo files to make downloading much easier.

The content here is definitely exclusive, and in order to give us a bonus for joining, you will find lots of extra videos available. Also, the site features live feeds and also has personals which made visiting here most interesting. Updates are currently running nicely with about 1 video accompanied by a photo set update per week. On the negative side it seems that videos are currently only available in streaming format and can't be downloaded. I'm not sure if they plan to offer downloads in the future, but if not it is a bit of a letdown for this otherwise great new site.


In concluding this review of Crazy Teen GFs I have to say that this sort of site has been done before, however lots of them claim to be student submitted content, but were actually made professionally and easy to spot. In this case, it comes across as legitimate student submitted content. The camera wriggles, and moves about too quickly in an unprofessional manner, but that's what we are expecting from amateur porn. Also, an important point, if you are expecting gorgeous coeds, you won't be disappointed.

Score: 80


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Videos 26+ video clips (about 20 min each)
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  • Updates coming once a week
  • Discounted price for membership
  • Authentic looking content
  • Bonus video content
  • Exceedingly small site
  • Low quality on videos and pictures
  • No downloading of videos

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