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Claudette Extra Review

Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-31
Last Updated: 2010-01-31

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Claudette certainly has something extra alright, as beautiful, classy and confident a woman as she is to others on the outside, she's also a virile and very kinky male, for she is a shemale who is into fetish, bondage, erotica, high heels, glamour, feet, role playing and so much more! She loves to pleasure both men and women with her extra big gift, her cock!

Claudette is very all woman, and she has an undeniable passion for fetishes. She loves to show off her uniform, and also loves to role-play. She has very exceptional legs and feet, and there are quite a few of her pictures that show them off too! Her site is a solo one where she shows herself as a Dominant lady in lingerie that also has a very hot throbbing cock as well. She loves posing in that lingerie so that when you pan down on it, she has a lovely throbbing dick! However, she usually stashes her dick in incredible lingerie. Her specialty is tranny modeling and her boudoir pictures are exceeding erotic. She is always very erotic with womanly curves that just happen to end with a very manly dick.

There are over 93 image galleries on this site, with an average of 35 pictures per gallery. The pictures are not hi res, there is no model index, and no Zipped files either. The site does one update per month on average. Many of the galleries contain sexy pinups, legs, feet and heels, shemale supermodels, cum, cock shots, and submissive transsexuals too!

Should you absolutely require videos to be happy, she's made arrangement with Tgirl Videos. There are literally hours of downloadable shemale videos there. These feature full-length feature films, hardcore photo shoots, streaming videos, video feeds, and it's all gratis just because you belong to Claudette Extra.

Claudette has a tremendously interesting imagination. Here's one of her descriptions of a particular photo set: "Countess Alucard invites you, her main guest, for a lovely little appetizer of truffles and Schnapps. You and her make some nice, idle, albeit thinly veiled parlor conversation. Suddenly, you feel yourself getting a bit drowsy, yes, very drowsy. The next thing you know, you awaken in her bedchamber tied conveniently and tightly to all four bedposts. Now, Countess Alucard A.K.A Countess Dracula, approaches the bed. Your cock goes fully erect, she bares her two inch fangs and 7 inch phallus, Yes, she has something to suck, and you are the main course!!!!" See what I mean?

No matter if you go there to see all of her pictures, or share the TGirl videos that she makes available to you, you will see signs of her imagination just about everywhere on her site. Not only will you enjoy her imagination, but you'll very interested in seeing how feminine she can be then how masculine she can be as well. As if that were not enough, you'll also marvel as how well she understands fetishes, and to what extent she likes to practice them too!


In conclusion, if you'd like to mix tranny pictures with a good dose of fetish content, then you should like the pictures shown on this site. Claudette is one hell of a tranny model, bringing us the most feminine of boudoir glamour pictures in some of the most outrageous lingerie possible. Best of all, you'll find that Claudette is very fetish oriented, including tranny feet! If you crave tranny movies, there is a special arrangement with TGirl Videos to take care of that.

Score: 70


Pricing Fair


Pictures 93+ galleries (about 35 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Exclusive transsexual pictures
  • Special arrangement for movies
  • An array of different fetishes addressed
  • No videos on the site itself
  • Infrequent updates and no schedule
  • Very small site