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Chocolate Models Review

Categories: Ebony  Softcore  BBW  Individual Models 
Reviewed by: Tyler on 2017-04-18
Last Updated: 2017-04-18

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Chocolate Models lines you up nicely with a great big collection of great big exotic dancers. You have a magazine style site here with its own videos and galleries and its own big black beautiful babes who perform solo strip and pole dances for you while playing around with their big boobs and showing you their phat asses. It's a site that stays on theme, it's not without its issues but it does have plenty of magazine issues to show you, and there are updates happening all the time.

On the plus side: Chocolate Models gives you loads of content. I'd say there were well over 1,700 movies here and over 2,000 galleries. There are monthly editions of the magazine going back several years and each month new content is added - it actually comes in frequent updates, rather than monthly ones. The most recent month had 30 videos on its own. These videos are short, 5-minute solo dances, with great big black babes all curvy and often top or bottom heavy, giving you exotic dances in lingerie. You can now download these in Mp4 format at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and they look great. There are also smaller versions to download. Older movies may not be HD but the quality is fine, and there are also WMV options to use.

As for streaming, you will need to make sure you've got the access that includes the Tube area where the streams run. This opens in a new tab (as it seems, does just about everything else once inside the members' area) and they stream, in Flash. Again, the quality is fine. Images open with basic thumbnail pages that then open new images in another new tab and you can save them one at a time. I didn't find zip files or slideshows. There was also not a lot of info about the models, which was strange for a site that's all about solo models.

The members' area could, in my opinion, do with a fresh look. I found loads of new tabs open, there was a simple heading for years and then months for the magazines (I didn't see any articles) and then more new tabs would open depending on where you wanted to go. There's a blog which you can also open in a new tab. There is also a lot of text on the tour, more than there are images, it feels. I found the sign-up details were a bit confusing as there are various offers on and you don't get the full range until you are into the sign-up company's area. There you are told you can gain four extra bonus sites if you sign-up for longer-term options, but I didn't know what those sites might be. Your basic bonus is a VOD site, and again, I am not sure what was actually 'bonus' about it; unless you get free videos on demand.

But, despite all that, you get a good load of hot ebony dancers in skimpy lingerie and masses of content plus regular updates - and it's all on the promised niche.


If you set aside the design issues - which may be a personal matter anyway, you may not find them an issue - then you are left with a perfectly good site that has its theme: hot and big black girls dance solo for you and strip down to play with their massive boobs and booty. That's fine. The quality is ok, it's now HD at 1080p, and it's exclusive. There are loads of updates coming in all the time, and thus, it is, in the end, good value.

Score: 76


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair
Updates Regular
Ads Reasonable


Videos 1700+ video clips (about 15 min each)
Pictures 2000+ galleries (about 200 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Exclusive content
  • Mobile access available
  • Loads of content
  • Good updates schedule
  • Sign-up deals are not clear
  • Too much text on the tour pages and inside
  • Navigation was a pain
  • Clunky design