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Chavley Court Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-10-14
Last Updated: 2010-10-14

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Do you like British women? If so, this site will absolutely bowl you over! You cannot get more British than this! The site concerns two British chaps, Justin and Willy, who take in the entire Chavley Court area in search of some British birds to bring back to their flat. Now, Chavley is an area renowned in London for their "slutty" women, so these two are definitely hunting in the right field! All it ever costs these chaps is some fags (cigarettes) and beers too, and the Chav sluts put out with everything they've got with no holds barred!

Due to the reputation of Chavley Court it was very cute that the girls that they pick up be called Chavs, which is the term that I used in the area for the girls who live in the area. Good choice of words, that.

These Chavs are all first time ever on video girls, totally amateur, for sure. You will love the accents, some of which are undecipherable to an American ear like mine, perhaps because they are speaking in the vernacular of street jargon, considering that they are all Chavs. Being normal Chav girls, they are physically representative of the style girl available in the area of course.

The quality of the site will definitely surprise you! There are no lighting problems at all, though I definitely expected some, and the camerawork is at least semi-professional if not professional. I love that they do have a model site from which to choose the models, however there is no model information listed, which is a shame. There are currently 14 models, but there is one planned for the month of this review.

This is definitely a hardcore site, as these Chavs will do anything at all that the men require. You will love how quickly they agree to anything too!

There are currently 38 different videos available on the site, with 2 per girl of course. The best part of the videos is the heavy British accents, of course. All the videos are Hi-def. which was a surprise, and the pictures are quite large too. Most of the videos play for approximately 14 minutes each. The movies can be streamed using their Flash, which played almost instantly or downloaded in HD WMV. Videos may be downloaded as full scenes, or in multi bandwidth sections as needed, and there are a multitude of choices being presented, including an MP4 setting if you so desire.

As for the pictures, this is quite strange, but there is no way to simply view the pictures online. One must download them first which I term a negative, although thankfully they are all Zipped for your ease in downloading them. There are approximately 38 galleries with approximately 10 pictures in each. The pictures are all Hi res. too!

The site will update weekly, which is very encouraging, as it's a pretty small site as it stands. You will find that the models are definitely amateur looking as well as sounding, which to me I found quite appealing.


In conclusion if you love British girls, then this site will definitely turn you on! More so if you are an Anglophile as I am! The videos are exceedingly well done for an amateur site, as are the pictures. It's a very small site now that definitely needs to grow, but plans are to update weekly, which is encouraging.

Score: 81


Content Quality Excellent
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Videos 38+ video clips (about 14 min each)
Pictures 38+ galleries (about 10 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Exclusive hardcore videos and pictures
  • Very high quality material
  • Model index
  • Superbly different niche
  • Very small collection
  • Pictures cannot be viewed online