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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-17
Last Updated: 2010-01-17

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With over 870 Amateur Hi Def mostly hard-core videos available for you to peruse, one need not contemplate the nature of what's inside this site. So what will you see? Well, really it's more a matter of what won't you see, but you will see fucking, ass fucking, blow jobs, fisting, self-masturbation with and without toys, rimming, foot jobs, tag teams, Saran wraps, tooth braces, feet licking/sucking, interracial, smoking ladies, throat fucking, double penetration, sexual humiliation, cuckolding, tit fucking, handjobs, Sybian rides, blindfolds, stripping, nude dancing, oiled bodies, lesbians, shaved pussies, hairy pussies, twins, sex beads, bondage, balloon play, facials, and so much more, but I've got to take a breath or two.

All I can say at this point is that it's a damn good thing that they have a good search engine built into their site, because you are going to use it! I mean it's a lot of fun to just pore over the listings of porn they've got for us, but it's also tons of fun to look specifically for a subject and see what turns up. As the name implies you can watch and download the videos in both High-def Windows Media as well as MP4 files or watch them streamed! Small MP4s are available for downloading to your PSP or iPod. I don't know why this is so, but Hi def is probably more important when it comes to porn than just about anything else except those with a photographing or videographing bug. Because these are amateur films, we're talking about most of them lasting for less than 14 minutes or so.

There are about 336 photo albums, containing an average of about 100 photos in each. These, as you'd expect are all High-res images, and trust me on this, their photos are downright eye popping! Of course, they are all Zipped up for you for ease in downloading.

A review of this sort is certainly not complete without talking about the chicks. Age wise, they range from Barely Legal to MILFs, some have a boyish figure and others are the kind that are usually found with a staple in their midriff. You will find that they also range from being model-type glamorous to punk rock types, complete with piercings and tattoos, though more and more even "girl next door" types are sporting a few tattoos. For being an amateur site, the variations will totally astound you, for it's as if each video and picture tries to outdo the others that have already been received and are online. But, that's ok, we won't quibble at all about this little race will we?

The model index page lists the models with a picture of each girl accompanied by a small blurb that will be continued on her own profile. The profiles are simply fantastic, and make for excellent reading. They cover hair color, birthday, relationship status, favorite books, favorite cocktail, sexuality preference, music, hometown, sexual position and what they consider to be their sexual super power! It makes watching their video really exciting where they share one guy between two ladies and you know that the lady is bi, for instance!

This site updates daily, without fail, thus you will not be left high and dry as many sites do to you. There are no bonus sites, but that's not a problem with the way they update. Most of the films and pictures are not exclusive, however when they are exclusive you'll see a banner proclaiming its exclusivity.


In conclusion, if you are tired of "almost" Hi-def and "practically" Hi-res, and want the real thing when you want to watch hardcore porn, then this is definitely the site for you! The technological advances finally are available to you all in one site without having to wade through a lot of "older" stuff that is technologically inferior to find a few of the superior ones. If you are among the growing members of visual connoisseurs that can tell the difference, and it's important to you, why should you be deprived?

Score: 85


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Videos 870+ video clips (about 14 min each)
Pictures 336+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • All Hi-def videos
  • All Hi-res photos
  • Daily updates
  • Excellent search engine and model index
  • Limited nonexclusive content
  • No bonus sites offered