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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-17
Last Updated: 2017-03-29

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ALS stands for All Ladies Shaved, and in this site you will see shaved beauties that will make you drool. What will you see? You'll get to see everything from glamour shots to public nudity to hot girl-girl action, and all the girls will be shaved with clean shaved pussies. You will see hot brunettes, redheads and blondes, dressed in fishnet catsuits, thigh high stockings, inserting toys and a whole lot more! What more? Well how about self-fisting, body painting, and you'll even see public nudity! If the girl-on-girl videos don't get to you, perhaps the masturbation videos will.

Once inside you'll be drawn to Feature Models, Exclusive Director's Blog, Outtakes, Bloopers, and New High Definition Videos in the Video Sections for everything from Glamour Shots to Fisting! Now this site has been updating since April of 2006, when they were only updating once a month. How they have grown, for now they update at least once a day, sometimes more! Their videos run approximately 25 minutes each, and there's over 870 of those.

If you click on the models to see all their models, you'll find them in alphabetical order. However, you'll never make it to the G's because you'll be too busy looking at what some of these models have done! Although it seems that every site boasts having spectacular models, nothing could be truer than what you will find in this site!

Currently, they do all their videos in true Hi Def, and you will not believe your eyes. Flashing these videos will allow you to see them in Hi Def or in standard mode, and they are so dedicated to their members that standard definition videos are being remastered to 720x540 Windows Media and 640x480 DivX! The videos will line up for you in one long page, with a small description of each video, and a vidcap showing you a scene from the movie. It will have the date that it was updated to the site too.

If ever you've wondered what it looks like when they take photos for some of these sessions, you'll love watching with the photographer giving directions, after all it's fantastic to watch a good model follow directions. You will get to see just how sexy a girl can look like taking directions! So, do be aware that some of the videos are actually photo sessions being shown on video, but even those are scorching hot! The pictures are of course Zipped for you too, as of the last count, there appears to be over 71,000 pictures.

If you click on a model, you'll be taken to a marvelous model section where you can read all about the model, with even some very personal facts listed. Some are almost a page long. In addition you can view 7 blooper reels, 35 daily video releases, 41 director's choice and at least 141.5 Mb iPod films so you can take your porn with you!

The biggest negative I have about this site, is the unbelievable times it asked me to put in my credentials, you know the Login name and the Password! It asked for each video I tried to play, and no amount of copying and pasting, or trying to get the site to remember it worked! Irksome, to say the least.


In conclusion, if you look at the rating given this site, you will know that there's no exaggeration at all about the incredible movies, and pictures shown on it. And you will know that the ladies selected for this site are absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. The photography is amazing, and the videography is wondrous. It's basically impossible to find anything truly wrong with this site. If you like women, I don't think that there's another site like it!

Score: 81


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair


Videos 870+ video clips (about 25 min each)
Pictures 710+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Hi-def videos
  • Hi-res pictures
  • Incredible models
  • Lots of extras
  • No search features
  • No rating system
  • All movies require password

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