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X Hamster Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-01-18
Last Updated: 2013-08-15

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This site has been around a good while, and it is chock filled with porn, that's the good news. The bad news is that it occasionally carries a tremendous amount of pop ups, especially to various pay chat sites, but for getting the free porn, it's something that many will gladly put up with, since the porn is so good. They are the absolute biggest collection of free amateur porn videos.

The site holds tons of well-organized movies that are simply there waiting for you. The domain itself has tons of other subdomains to the name of X Hamster. Thus one does not have to wait long for a movie to come online, and the scenes move rather quickly.

There is a search engine at X Hamster that is rather good at finding what you wish. I know that I've always been told that if you are searching for Hot lesbian rape, that's a great place to look, as well as a gay Japanese fuck meal. Therefore if you should be going to other sites do yourself and the female you are with and look away from that site and into another that handles exquisite porn, namely X Hamster. The point is that I do not know of another site that is similar to X Hamster that has as a divergent selection of porn as they do. You can even find old Hindi vintage hot scenes! It seems that every fuck movie ever made has come onto X Hamster.

Now, don't get me wrong, you don't get to watch whole movies on there for free, but instead you will be able to look at the hot scenes from an unnamed amount of porn. Some last 2 minutes, some last a full 48 minutes. Most of the scenes are from studios that are pushing their movies, by giving away some clips of their highly erotic contents. Some, of course come from people who own those movies and wish to share some of their clips with the public.

Their video rankings can be used to select what you will watch too, giving you a choice Top Rated, Most Viewed, Most Commented, or 50 Newest Videos. You will see before you when you do a search some small video screens. They will include the name of the movie, the star, the running time, how many views it has had, and the stars that it has garnered from the viewers.

Not only are there videos here, but there are photos as well, plus also stories to read, games to play, dating to be found, chats to make, and sex cams to watch a-plenty, and these are advertised as HD cams too! Then there are the premium DVDs. Now these cost you of course, but there are no ads, no pop-unders either, and you'll need a credit card or a US bank account for these. Currently they have 14,811 full DVDs waiting for you.

The photos section is really cool, as it can be broken down to show you only those photos that fit the particular niche you desire. Most of them have a few images, but on any given day you might see some images that contain 50 images or more.


In conclusion, if you like porn of all kinds, be it weird stuff to just porn, you should take a gander at this site, after all the cost is free! I personally like the search engine most of all, enabling me to find just what I want! The site gets an all clear from my machine too for nastyware and such!

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Content Quality Good
Pricing Free
Updates Daily
Ads Annoying

Pros & Cons

  • Tons to do, not just porn
  • Porn plays quickly and does not hesitate often
  • Amount of videos and pictures amazing
  • Ads here, of course
  • Site is loud, be sure and regulate your sound