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Vintage Shemales Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-04-03
Last Updated: 2010-04-03

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Going back to the days when porn was relatively young, with Vintage Shemales you will find yourself back in the 60s, 70s and 80s. In the "real world" there were just as many shemales as there are today, but on film shemales were sacrosanct and almost totally non-existent! That means that what you can see at this site is very special, and is actually a decent collection even though it's very miniscule in comparison to what is available today.

Given that this porn is about 30 years old or in some cases older, do not expect the crisp clear movies of today, nor the Hi res pictures you would usually seek. The exciting part of this whole site is that it exists at all! It features pre-condom porn basically in either the films or the pictures.

The pictures have been split into certain categories which make it interesting. For instance there are 1048 pictures available in the "hardcore" section, 364 in the "individual" section, 322 in the "mix" section, 368 in the "X bonus" section, and finally 33 in the "stars" section, making a grand total of 2135 pictures in toto. Granted that would be a tiny drop in the bucket of most shemale sites but it's a large collection to those who appreciate vintage shemales harking back to the 70s. That blend is about what I expected from this type of site. It is very unfortunate however that there are no Zipped files, making download of the pictures easier.

The more recent additions to the pictures have a little camera attached to them, which allows you to view the remainder of the pictures by clicking on the arrow for the next picture or the previous picture. Keep in mind that the vintage pictures were before the days of available plastic surgery. Also, most of the pictures are vid caps.

You should know that the bonus pictures are pictures of shemales that are in our modern world and not vintage. It's kind of cool though as it helps you compare what the vintage babes looked like compared to today's. If you are like me you'll like the hardcore pictures the best since they show a good mixture of sucking and fucking in them, and it's usually the tgirl who gets fucked.

There are four movies for you to watch at the site and this is because movies of shemales were not exactly prevalent in those days. Each of the movies is downloadable in AVI, WMV, and in DivX. I am sure you expect that the quality is not the greatest. There is no DRM on the site, so download at will.

You will note that many of the trans shown are wearing wigs. That's because there was no way to ever grow your hair and maintain it the way that a shemale would like to without resorting to a wig as back then it was not feasible to be a tgirl and hold a regular job, unlike many that do so today. It appears that they update the site every two months of so, however I would say that the site is definitely exclusive with perhaps some of the pictures having migrated to a similar site owned by the same company.


In conclusion, is this site worth it? Just as antiques go up in value because of their rarity, so does the worth of this site go up because what's in there is a rare as hen's teeth, as my grandpa used to say, which I think is rather fitting in a review such as this. So yes, I recommend the site. It is a great website for vintage shemale lovers.

Score: 80


Content Quality Average
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Videos 4+ video clips (about 15 min each)
Pictures 2135+ galleries (about 1 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely rare material
  • Exclusive content
  • Navigation is ultra simple
  • Pics are scanned in
  • No bonus sites
  • No Zipped files
  • Only 4 videos