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Velvet Ecstasy Review

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Reviewed by: Dave on 2009-10-24
Last Updated: 2014-05-12

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You are now in the realm of velvet ecstasy meaning all the sensuality of the "Arabian (metaphorically of course) Nights" unfolding under your very eyes. Do not close them lest you miss the glory of a real night out. Simple pages that need not be scrolled till your finger gives way make this website quite convenient to handle -a paradox in browsing an adult domain that could just become also too hot to handle. All the pages leading to various sections and support data are well laid out with just a highlight of the subject. The background color is pleasing and calm. I guess this is like that proverbial 'calm before the storm' concept that prepares you for the torrid sessions that follow.

There are sections like exclusive, galleries, bonus page, feedback, support and all are designed to give you the required information with preview pictures in a simple way. As is common with most websites that cater to the discerning adult, Velvet Ecstasy has a large collection of exclusive and non-exclusive images, videos, clips etc. The stories section is particularly interesting as it can conjure up wild thoughts when viewing the intense action. The website has all the much needed ingredients that satiate one's carnal desires. The name of Velvet Ecstasy still sounds too tantalizing and exotic while the content may just about be similar to other competitive websites.

Somewhere it is reported that visitors are allowed to only download up to 3 GB on a single day. This may or may not be adequate but the moral of the story is that one needs to keep a watchful eye on their downloading. Amateur sites generally contain a lot of stuff that could sometimes clutter and confuse the simple net enthusiast of the adult world. Having said this Velvet Ecstasy does appear to be slightly different since each of their pages is short, crisp, and lucid. The image and video quality is satisfactory -aiming at quantity with the usual bit of quality.

This is one website that caters to ordinary folk in that most popular activity of showering love and affection on each other. You could easily visualize yourself in the depicted situations and have a go with say a friendly neighborhood bombshell, a MILF who leaves nothing to the imagination, a teenager that takes you back to the days of frolic and naughtiness etc. Overall Velvet Ecstasy is a reasonably well designed 'garden of welcome sin' that will keep you busy for hours and days. Velvet Ecstasy is one site that can be kept on a permanent or recurring membership. It has good content that is updated often. Velvet Ecstasy compares well with similar websites reviewed from time to time on this channel.


A website worth becoming a member of and enjoying the wide spectrum of alluring interludes of pleasure. There are attractive graphics and videos you may like to download for offline viewing. Compressed files are always a must in any adult website and Velvet Ecstasy fulfils this requirement to the hilt. Some people may not like the extra simplicity of Velvet Ecstasy but the average first visitor will surely find it more convenient.

Score: 85


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Regular


Videos 990+ video clips (about 25 min each)
Pictures 1740+ galleries (about 130 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • A recommended site for the ardent adult visitor
  • Easy layout and navigation
  • Timely information pages that are a must on such sites
  • Fair quality and rotating updates
  • The site must complement its content with better visuals
  • At first glance the website appears plain though this cannot be a minus factor
  • Design changes will throw in more fresh air for the visitor

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