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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-05-27
Last Updated: 2010-05-27

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Well, one thing's for sure; these are all amateur girls as promised. These are girls that Ray Edwards has met in a public place such as in restaurants, amusement parks, movies and shopping malls. He's very straightforward in asking them if they would be interested in posing nude for his camera, and they are real amateur girls, he makes sure they are not adult industry models, street prostitutes, strippers or even escorts. You will find no pro models here at all. More than anything this site contains pictures, all of which he's taken, and so there are tons of pussy shots, spread legs, posed shots, masturbation and mostly doggy style pussy and anal shots.

So what else will you see at this site? Well, of course there are quite a few of Ray getting a blowjob, and even some of Ray eating some of the girls out, and some of Ray fucking some of the girls. The girls that Ray chooses are all cute, many even beautiful, and Ray's taste is pretty damn good! When he does get them to agree to sex, his camera is shooting, and if you are picky, as Ray is, you'll see no other males other than Ray. Lucky stiff!

Just as you'd expect the shoots start with the girl all dressed, and slowly progresses from there with the girl getting fully nude and then posing in the ways that Ray has obviously asked, as there are a tremendous similarity in the poses. I can't fault the technical quality of his pictures, he's obviously a good photographer, and what's better than taking pictures of raw naked girls, anyway?

He has divided up the pictures in between just models and hardcore, meaning that you will only see limited stuff in the model's side of the site. I found it immensely interesting to read the girls' bios. In the bios it's apparent that the girls themselves have filled it out, they cover interesting facts such as how they met Ray, and also their first names, their jobs, their city, and other interesting personal facts.

Latest count of pictures appears to be 622 picture sets and the majority of them seem to have at least 70 pictures in them. They are Hi res, but unfortunately they are not Zipped for you. The site itself has no license restrictions (DRM) so that you may take pictures for your own, however you'll have to do that one at a time. The photography on these picture sets is generally pretty good.

There are 18 videos shot by Ray included, and these are quite short about 7 minutes long, and mostly in POV style. They can only be loaded as full scenes, and the format is in WMV.

In addition there are 52 full videos that can be played as a bonus that are not taken by Ray. They cover a plethora of sexual interests. Updates appear to be very regularly performed, with the modeling section receiving most of the updates, but all sections receive their fair share.


In conclusion, the way that Ray gets all these girls to pose for him makes us all have the gumption to maybe try harder if we could get that kind of quality amateur to come pose for us. The pictures are basically all good, the videos are pretty much amateur, which this site says it is, with shaky camera and POV style. If you are into pictures I recommend the site as being worth it, they're excellent.

Score: 76


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 18+ video clips (about 7 min each)
Pictures 622+ galleries (about 70 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • All exclusive amateur content
  • A decent mix of models
  • Model bios available
  • No Zipped pictures

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