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Transworld Asia Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-02-10
Last Updated: 2010-02-10

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Transworld Asia is of course a site having to deal with trannys, yes but the difference lies in the quality of said shemales, or ladyboys. I am unsure of whether it is because they are Asian, or what the difference is, but unless they bared their sexual organs to me, I would never know that these are trannys no matter the circumstances. They are beautiful, delicate and extremely sensuous. The makeup is done to perfection and with those sloe-eyed looks they are capable of getting a rise out of any man!

The models are all put together on one page with links to their various videos, the names of the videos, the model's name, as well as giving you the title of the videos. Because all new videos will be in HD from now on, when you are perusing the model listings, if you wish to see only HD videos, you can simply look for the HD in the list. However, must confess here and now that the other videos, the "old" videos if you will, are simply beautiful in both content and what's shown.

Currently there are 32 very hot videos available, and they play for about 20 minutes each. The older ones play in very acceptable regular Windows Media Player and you can play them in Flash. If you go through the current model's page, you can read a bit about every model, get her cell phone number, as well as her email addy. In the videos, the way that they touch themselves, and the manner in which their members are kept hidden until about halfway through the video is great! They are, until that moment, the very essence of femininity. Honestly, their boob jobs are better than any I've seen, even among straight girls that have had boob jobs. They are absolutely perfect and don't have that taut stretched skin look at all! Kudos to those physicians!

The pictures are phenomenal since they are all done in Hi-res, and there are about 250 pictures in each gallery. It's very difficult to gauge how many galleries there are, as galleries are attached to each model, and there are 23 of those! However, my estimate is there are about 40 picture sets. For instance Anne who is an incredibly beautiful tranny as wholesome and tight as her body is, has about 8 different galleries to herself. Now if you have a foot fetish as well as a "thing" for trannys, you'll just love seeing the one with Angel in it. She apparently loves her feet, and will even suck her toes in the video, which are painted a bright red, so that you'll get to see each lovely little toe!

There are some interesting extras included with your membership. For instance there are more pictures of some of the models, and there are three distinct reports, including pictures of some of the tranny nightclubs. The reports are interesting to read, and since "real" addresses are included, if you are going to travel to those cities, you'll know where they are and what to expect. Updates are weekly and they've been very good with the updates.


In conclusion it is an exceedingly nice site showing a tremendous amount of incredibly lovely shemales or ladyboys, if you prefer. The newer videos are well done in High def, and the pictures come in Hi-res. The content is exclusive and the site is very enjoyable. The only extreme negative I have is the fact that the pictures are not Zipped for downloads.

Score: 74


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair


Videos 32+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Pictures 40+ galleries (about 250 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Hi def. quality videos
  • Hi res. pictures
  • Content is exclusive
  • Frequent updates
  • No bonus sites
  • No Zipped photos