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Torbe Network Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-12-30
Last Updated: 2013-09-30

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The Torbe Network is filled with many goodies; in fact it's difficult to know where to begin. They are undoubtedly dedicated to producing hardons that just won't quit with the network's finest hot women and divergent propensities that each woman evinces.

Let's explore some of the titles found in the network:

Brunette Fever: An all-brunette site to bring you the sexiest brunettes found to suck off Torbe's hard cock!

Busty Isabel: Imagine more boobage than you know what to do with. Includes some tit fucking scenes you will not believe!

Cum cum Sofia: She's definitely a sperm maniac, wrenching cum from hard cocks to anoint her body everywhere.

Diana Dean: What can we say? She's a redhead heavily into bukkake, the more the better.

Doktor Schmutz: Girls come to him to be relieved of their ailments. His best treatment is to fuck their ass, and give them facials!

French Amateur Sex: Amateurs, oh yes, but they sure know what they are doing! Features some intensely hard ass fucking.

Josito's Will: You won't believe all the beautiful women he gets to bed from a wheelchair!

Naughty Tania: How naughty can she be? You'll see.

That list is but a few of the sites being offered when you join the Torbe Network, after all there are 33 of those sites! You will be awash with porn, all kinds of hardcore porn, you will get to see bukkake, blow jobs, girls on girls, some amazing solos, ass fucking, and facials, oh so many incredible facials! Mouthfuls of cum, filling your screen and huge tits capped with luscious brown crinkly nipples will come clearly through as well!

Those 33 different sites will hold approximately 500 videos lasting on average of about 25 minutes, and there will be at least 300 photo galleries to visit too, and most of those galleries hold at least 75 pictures in each. You will be exceedingly busy. Also the galleries and videos are all date-stamped.

Torbe is the name of your host, a large overweight man who can fuck like there's no tomorrow, and you'll be totally amazed at the beautiful women he beds. Everything is shot in POV, as if it's happening to you, thus Torbe never gets in your way. Most of the sites are added to with updates of the sites at least every couple of days, thus you will be able to visit the sites in round robin style to keep up with just the new stuff!

Their videos are presented in many different way, as you can Flash stream them or download them using MPEG, QuickTime, Windows Media and iPod formats if you wish to take your porn with you. Some of the sites don't have pictures, but some of the ones that have them come as low to nearly high-res images. There are sometimes just screen caps and occasionally you'll even get both! Not only do you get to move around those 33 sites, but you will also receive multi-niche video feeds and DVD's! It's all pretty amazing.

At last, someone listened to the viewers, and the luscious foreign performers will actually speak English with an accent or in foreign languages with the aid of subtitles. This alone is very unique and shows that the network cares about its viewers! This network tries hard to please everyone, you will not be disappointed.


In conclusion, the network is filled with different themes and very divergent niches, making it very pleasing to watch. The Flash player works well, loading while playing. Loads of download choices. Finally either subtitles or words spoken in accented English! Tremendous amount of hardcore porn offered with good-looking babes. You will also see multi-niche video feeds. Most of the sites update frequently.

Score: 0


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair


Videos 500+ video clips (about 25 min each)
Pictures 300+ galleries (about 75 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Mostly good quality videos
  • Tremendous amount of porn available
  • Download choices to please everyone
  • Many divergent all unique niches
  • Some sites not updated very often
  • Few of the videos are only average quality
  • A few of the sites present only vid caps