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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-10-08
Last Updated: 2021-09-21

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The name pretty much says what it concerns which is nice for a change. Simple, yet conveys the entire site except for one thing, which you'll understand later! This site is definitely high quality. The models are exceptional, the direction is outstanding, and the lighting, as well as the camera angles, all is rendered in the highest superiority possible. In essence, Teen Pink Videos pride themselves on bringing you bright eyed teen babes who then strip off their clothes and often are filmed having sex for the very first time on camera. There are hardcore blowjobs, fucking, lesbian encounters as well as lots of facials. It's all there for you, and it's all presented in pure excellence.

As soon as you enter the site, you'll find at the top these choices: Our Girls which is a by model name search engine, Video Updates which takes you to the Videos which are presented by the latest one being put on the site, Most Popular which is videos ranked by the Members, Upcoming which of course let's you see a tiny bit of the coming videos, Bonus Content which is live cams and such, and Links.

If you click on Video Updates, the videos will be listed for you by date that they've been added to the site. Now, there are 45 to a page, and there are 741 pages, and they have been adding at least one video a day, and the videos go back to 2003, thus there's a LOT to see. By my count there are 33,345 videos on this site and counting! You do the math if you are not secure that mine is right!

That's a purely amazing number of young lithe very hot girls performing a load of different sexual acts that you can stream or download in their entirety in MPG or WMV format. Of course you may also decide to download or stream them in one minute clips by using the handy thumbnail snapshot of what that clip will contain. Streaming and downloading speeds are rather slow at times, though, but the action is worth waiting for. Most of the videos last about 18 minutes each on average.

Each video is done very well, even if we are talking about professional amateurs. You will find that they are very well filmed; they have good lighting, and use great camera angles. The young guys can go and go, without any rest, they just fuck their girls silly as well as eat them out, and get blowjobs too.

Yes, I know that the site is called Teen Pink Videos, but there's more, there are some incredible photos here too. That's what I meant. Navigation to find the picture galleries was a bit difficult. First I had thought to click on Most Recent Photo Sets found way down the first page. But, don't press this quite yet. Scroll down, and eventually you'll see Our Photo Archives.

Aha, that's what you want! This took me to a page where you'll see each and every photo set they have in alphabetical order by the girl's names. Each of them has a thumbnail picture to click on for that particular girl's pictures. But, inside that page you'll see her name, her videos, and finally her photo sets. Click on her picture, and voila, her photo sets. Some of them have 7 pages of photos, for example. You can choose the size of the thumbnails at this point, which is an interesting feature. Most can be set for small, medium, and large.

Everywhere you look there are ratings for each girl, or each of her picture sets, etc. These are of course ratings from the members. However, the ratings were helpful. OK, so there are 312 different girls with photo sets. Assuming that each girl has about 150 pictures per setwhoohoo150 X 312 = 46,800 pictures. And what's more, you'll find that the pictures are incredible too. The quality of each will astound you. And, they are all Zipped for your ease in downloading too!

In general, you'll find that the girls are pretty much stunning; I did not find one that I'd throw out of bed! You'll love that many are sweet and innocent looking but then turn into voracious vixens when the time comes. Others just start with sizzling sex appeal and just get better and better. There's a lot of solo masturbation of course. With that said, you will find that there's even a double penetration video that's really cool, and there is also a foursome at one point.

Most enjoy all the strip teasing best, although there are the orgasms which look pretty damn good from where I sit. The cameraman usually is able to get some good shots of the beautiful pink glistening pussies too.


In conclusion, Teen Pink Videos presents an outstanding collection of photos as well as excellent video content. They feature adult teens who pose solo and also lots of guy/girl as well as lesbian hardcore sex. Their content is delivered in great quality and they offer updates every day. The majority of their models are drop dead gorgeous. The only real negative to the site is the navigation problems and when looking to have a video stream, that it often takes a good while. If you are a devotee of really stunning teen porn, the pictures as well as the videos will truly impress you.

Score: 790


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 33000+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Pictures 312+ galleries (about 150 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Great and generous collection
  • Quality videos and pictures
  • Nicely diversified sex portrayals
  • Navigation is confusing
  • Streaming is very slow at times
  • Title of site misleading

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