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Squirting 101 Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-05-02
Last Updated: 2015-07-07

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As a member of Squirting 101 you will be treated to a very different school, one that specializes in teaching women how to release the squirting that they can but did not because they did not know they had it in them before! In addition, the males will learn about the female G spot so that they too can learn how to make their own females squirt! Yes, female ejaculation does exist, and the men love to watch it happen especially if they had a "hand in it" happening!

The man in charge this time is Alex Braun. He is said to have magic hands that can easily turn women into squirting pussy fountains. Of course, that means that he's extremely knowledgeable about the G spot, and what it takes to trigger it. For those who know what they are doing, you'll see a tremendous amount of solo masturbation with various sex toys. However when you see Alex in charge, you can bet that very soon you'll see the ultimate in pure unhibited pleasure, the one that causes such volatile streams of cum shooting from that particular girl's pussy. Some of them can squirt across the room and some only let go a trickle. Of course it also depends on how often they have cum before, and some just do not produce as much cum as others seem to be able to make.

There are over 155 videos waiting for you at the site, each taking approximately 22 minutes each. You may watch these and download them in Windows Media (WMV). You may download the videos as you wish because the site does not have license restrictions (DRM.) They offer you multi-bandwidth, thus you may take the scenes as either full scenes or in short sections. The scenes also have a tremendous amount of vid caps accompanying the videos. It is said that there are over 35,000 vidcaps on the site.

There are also picture galleries available over and above the vidcaps already mentioned. Unfortunately there are only 3 of these galleries, but they do have on average of 300 pictures in each of the galleries. Nor are these galleries comprised of digital still, unfortunately, but they're still quite nice.

All the site is completely exclusive, and the babes shown here who can ejaculate that precious liquid are all beautiful, and hand picked as such. I especially liked that there is a good mixture of porn stars as well as total newbies on the site. You will also find that the site is extremely well organized, you will not have any problems accessing anything you desire.

When you join Squirting 101, you will also be given carte blanche to enter the following sites as a bonus: 2 Dicks In 1 Chick, Butt Divers, Four Finger Club, Heavy Handfuls, Internal Violations, Jizz Bomb!, Lil' Latinas, Mister Biggz, Nacho Killer Pussy, New Sensations, Papa Loads, and Pov Fantasy as well as Screaming O! Each of those sites basically allows you to see another sexual niche, which may become one of your favorites!


If you want to see how to make a gal cum with squirting, you stand to learn quite a bit from this site, and if you are a female, you'll learn how to make yourself cum with gushing forth of cum! No matter your desires for watching this squirting site, you will definitely enjoy yourself. I have to mention in this Squiring 101 review that this site no longer updates, which is a pity, but with well over 100 scenes and a network of sites thrown in it may still be worth checking out this squirting pay site.

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Videos 155+ video clips (about 22 min each)
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Pros & Cons

  • Very nice looking videos
  • A large site
  • Exclusive bonus sites are very generous
  • Huge non-exclusive reality sites
  • It's hard to tell when the "money shot" is
  • No update schedule
  • No model index

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