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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-03-11
Last Updated: 2013-08-15

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Spankwire is actually a hub of free porn videos where you will just want to click the sex video you desire to enjoy and what happens next is that your screen will set on fire with truly hot hardcore sex acts. The site offers streaming porn videos, as well as downloadable clips. That means that you can get free porn about: gorgeous teens riding cocks and amateur housewives cheating on their husbands in order to taste young cum so that they are fucking their kids' friends. You'll be able to drool all over mature tits of sensuous MILFs who are enjoying the tit fuck of their life and the MILF slut who is waiting for the hot cum to jet on her neck so that she will get her most precious pearl necklace. You will love their sex adventures, and you'll also get to decide just the kinds of videos you want to see for your intro into real life sexual escapades in either straight, gay or tranny movies! This is one hot free porn site that will make you spank your monkey for sure!

Now, if you are looking for real spanking, you'll find tons of that kind of stuff too, and some of it is very highly rated, so that you know that all manner of spankos have been watching those, and sorted out the good from the "especially good!" If on the other hand you are seeking girls on girls, the same has happened here too, some of the really low scores, as created by votes of those who come to Spankwire, were abominable to put it mildly, but the high scores were awesome, and exceedingly exciting. I began to watch only the high scores, which was pretty easy since they have a simple clickable button to do just that and no matter which category I was into, I agreed with the scores, as apparently they are all a highly discerning bunch.

On the other hand if a video has had 60,627 views and has not risen beyond a 3.1 out of the 5 number of being at the top of its grade, then it must be pretty much of a rather effortless vote to give it something as low as a 3.1, right? So, I spent hours upon hours working out the nuances of the votes against the views. Never did come up with the explanation, but I sure did have fun!

As for the ways to watch all these videos, and there are tons and tons of them, you will be given the choice of watching Featured, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Talked About, Needs Votes, HD Video, Cam Girls, and finally Real Sex. Just as in all free video sites, there is a very strong search engine that will let you search so many videos that you could never watch them all, so the search engine is a pure necessity.

They've done a good job on categories too, and the straight categories are Amateur, Anal, Anime, Asian, Big Boobs, Blonde, Blowjob, Brunette, Celebrity, Dildo/Toys, Ebony, Fetish, Group, Hardcore, Hentai, Interracial, Latina, Lesbian, Mature, MILF, Porn Stars, Softcore, Teen and Voyeur.

To give you an idea of the amount of videos available here, the Straight Amateur sector has 17580 videos in it. You certainly don't have to stick to straight, either you can watch as many videos in the Gay or Tranny sectors too! Now if you are gay and have heard of felching but never seen it, here's your opportunity!


In conclusion, there are tons of good porn videos here and all of them are for free. There is an excellent search engine so that you don't need to bother watching something that is not quite what you had in mind. There are straight sector, gay sectors, and tranny sectors here, so you can easily make your choices.

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  • Heaps of videos
  • Great separation of straight, gay and tranny
  • Free porn of all types
  • Wonderful search engine
  • No pictures
  • No stories