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Slow Exposure Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-05-25
Last Updated: 2010-05-25

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This is probably a very strange site to most people, but if you are a New Yorker by chance, you will thoroughly understand how this site came about. You see, a gentleman who really loves New York women has advertised for models, and each model has to be comfortable shedding her clothes exceedingly slowly for him to film, hence the name of the site. Most of the ladies that he films in the videos are filmed as they come off the street wearing street clothes, which they ever so leisurely remove. Most of the videos that he makes filming this, take approximately 10 minutes each, but as they remove their clothes, they are at the same time, interviewed as to where they work, what their clothes are for, why they picked those, and what would they wear to a party, or if it were hotter or colder, and assorted other questions.

Now comes the clincher, for you see even though you will see 5 parts to each of the videos, they were actually filmed over the course of 5 different days! The questions that the interviewer asks become more and more intimate as the filming wears on, until you feel that you actually know the amateur model, which is absolutely lovely. It gives one the feeling of intimacy with the model.

Of course, every week, you'll get to meet a new woman, see the strip, but more importantly, he'll be interviewing her with some different questions. Thus you will see 4 new videos added per month. Now, let's face it, everyone has a question that is simply burning inside. The answer is that yes at times you will see bush, but never any offensive nudity but more or less relaxed nudity.

At this point there are 32 different ladies who have gone through their slow exposure. They range from ultra-thin, to curvaceous, to those who should be described as very pleasantly plump. Some are incredibly flat, while others are more mammary gifted. Of course there are women of color, as well as white women, and Latinas. There was also one absolutely gorgeous Oriental woman. Every color of hair is included, and some of the ladies are pierced, some tattooed, and others apparently do not believe in any such adornments. It's literally a microcosm of New York!

The videos are relegated only to streaming them in Flash, and cannot be downloaded, which really surprised me. There are however, 43 picture sets that are in actuality vid caps, but they are pleasant to look at nevertheless. Each of the sets has approximately 22 pictures. All content is exclusive of course, so it's definitely guaranteed that this is an exclusive site, as I've never seen another like it.

The owner of the site describes the site as being "an erotic art project, exploring the possibility of creating arousing imagery without the clichs of pornography." Thus, I must say that I am very reticent to say that this is even soft core, for you can see that it is much more than that!


In conclusion, this is as different a site as you can find. It is an "erotic art project" that entails New York women of all sizes, colors, and backgrounds. The goal here is not necessarily to make pornography; in fact just the opposite is true. The site has been growing nicely, and thus each time you visit there should be more to view.

Score: 70


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Videos 32+ video clips (about 10 min each)
Pictures 43+ galleries (about 22 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Intensely a totally different site
  • Good coverage of different women
  • Artistically viewable
  • No downloading provided at all
  • No Zipped pictures
  • No choices of formats