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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-11-10
Last Updated: 2009-11-10

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Now the name of this site does nothing to give it away, you do not know if you will be faced with lesbians, girlfriends, or good fucks! Whatever it is, you won't know until you get to the site. All right, actually it is girlfriends, and the reason it's called that is that this site is user submitted, thus they are indeed quite real. It is amateurs who have filmed themselves and consider what they have captured to be hot enough to be on the Internet, pure and simple. There are also amateurs that have been filmed by professionals too, and all of it is always porn. Both the videos and the pictures are immensely interesting, in a hard-core manner. As expected, the quality varies on both the videos and the pictures, but the subject matter more than makes up for those shortcomings!

The site will more than adequately cover all hardcore renditions that have been shared by the amateurs. All of the material is homemade, and covers such things as fucking each other madly, dick sucking that shows how adept the girlfriends are as they are rewarded with a white cum facial, ass fucking as the couple discovers just how tight an ass can feel, and sexy girls finding out the secrets of lesbian licking, There is so much content pouring in from around the world, that the site is able to add 5 new picture sets daily as well as matching video sets! In this respect, if you take on this site, you are guaranteed to never be out of interesting, cock hardening porn each and every day!

Often you are able to tell that the girl has sneaked her boyfriend into her house, and they are doing the nasty on her very bed, while her parents are out working, for example. Or it's nighttime, and they are doing "it" and recording it while her parents or his parents sleep. This, of course, accounts for a strong divergence in quality as you go from one video to another. Do not get me wrong here, overall the quality is quite good, but it would be leading you astray to say that it's the highest quality throughout. The videos are presented in Flash format, and you can either stream the videos or download them to your hard drive if you wish. One video is as long as 144 minutes, some as short as a few seconds, but we'll say that the average is about 15 minutes long. All together, a good estimate is about 250 videos.

As for the pictures, there are approximately 675 picture sets available. In those sets are about 5 divisions, such as girls with girls, nudes, mixed, babes, cumshots, and butts. There are usually about 12 shots in each picture set, in each division. Thus the picture sets are not really sets, but groupings is probably a better word. Consequently, one could say that there are about 18 shots per picture set, but that is a basic average, it's very hard to tell. They are zipped for ease in downloading too.

As bonuses, there are feeds, troilism, single masturbation, old porn, even "Deep Throat" is shown. If you've never seen this incredible film that made world history, you'll get your chance now!


In short, Real GFS is what you've always wished that a collection of married, dating or simply fucking people would be like! For some reason, watching amateurs always involves the highest amount of passion possible. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the lady in question loves the male so much that she consented to allow this most private act to be photographed or videographed, or that they are both so proud of their union that they wish to share it with us. Granted if there is a bit of voyeur in you, this is why you love it so. Regardless of the reasons, this collection is definitely worth your attention!

Score: 77


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap


Videos 250+ video clips (about 15 min each)
Pictures 675+ galleries (about 12 pics each)

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  • Daily updates
  • Zipped photo sets
  • Streaming videos
  • Occasional nonexclusive content
  • Typical amateur quality videos
  • No bonus sites