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Playboy Cyberclub Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-09-05
Last Updated: 2013-09-30

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It's really all so simple, if you love Playboy, you'll simply love their Cyberclub. Basically it's Playboy that you can view on your computer screen, or download on your iPod if you want to take it with you, and the girls on this site are certainly gorgeous enough to want to take them with you! Now, do not misunderstand me, if you get the paper printed version of Playboy, and want to add this experience to it, that's a great idea for the two have different material, and in fact the Cyberclub even produces some of its own specifically for viewing in the Cyberclub. For instance you will see bonus movies, live chats, and archived photoshoots here!

Just like the Playmate of the Month in the print version, there are also Cybergirls available in Cyberclub, which makes cyber-sense to me! In addition, you will find that you get a preview of the girl who is going to be the next Playmate of the Month in the print version, which is really a neat trick! Love it! Then, too you will see the "Coed of the Week" as well as the "Coed of the Month" here too!

In 1998 they created an offering called "Sexy Girls Next Door" with a monthly pictorial of the new amateur model that was chosen. Since then it has become a staple of Cyberclub. There's even a monthly pictorial of International beauties, which are positively to drool for! In addition they have various actresses, celebrities, athletes, supermodels, newsmakers, and even specials such as "Women of Starbucks" or even some country other than in the US.

With over 4,050 videos for you to choose from, over 1,000 of which are already in HD, your problem is going to be deciding which you want to see. Videos are available to view in Real and MOV formats, or download in MOV formats. Most of the videos are quite short, approximately 6 minutes on average. There are no license restrictions and there are accommodations made for multi-bandwidths. The latest videos are in HD, and they are stupendous! Of course it's expected that they would allow downloads in MP4, and sure enough they do, so that you can take the ladies along with you!

As for their pictures, they are truly wonderful, but they are not found separate from the various areas throughout the site, thus we can only say that there are approximately 6350 galleries with roughly 25 pictures in each, and they are in Hi res. of course, and Zipped for ease in downloading them. You will undoubtedly love the "Cyberzoom" on the pictures! Cool! Now, this is Playboy, so do expect a bit of airbrushing to have happened to the pictures. I will say this much about the site, everywhere you look there are awesomely beautiful girls!

There are so many extras available that it's difficult to tell you about them all. There are a myriad of weekly chats, model pages, message boards, and many other fine events. As for updates, this is a high-class outfit, thus they do updates daily!

Please note that although the site name may have changed to Playboy Plus this review is current and the content remains the same.


What else would you expect from Playboy other than incredibly beautiful models perfectly posed for both pictures as well as videos? Everywhere you turn in this site you come across some beautiful girls! And when you've finished looking at those, there seems to always be more! If you remember the awe when you first saw your first Playboy, get ready to relive that feeling!

Score: 78


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Cheap
Updates Daily


Videos 4050+ video clips (about 6 min each)
Pictures 6350+ galleries (about 25 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Infinite care with casting plus daily updates
  • Incredible videos
  • Only the best Hi res. pictures available
  • Heavily reduced price for our readers
  • Older videos on site are stream only
  • Huge amounts of up sells
  • Some airbrushing

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