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Nebraska Coeds Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-09-29
Last Updated: 2009-09-29

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This site is all about what spring break, as well as some other breaks, is like for the young ladies, and young men who go to spring breaks. Of course, there's sex - in fact plenty of it! The coeds are simply beautiful, and are filled with the typical exuberance of coeds. Most of them are just barely 18, but they are as wild and debauched as can be. If ever there was a voyeur site, this has to be it. The majority of the babes are drunk, and have lost most of their inhibitions in the joy fest that takes place during some of these breaks. Some of them have sunburns, and some are even tanned all over. Just because this is held for a Nebraska college, does not mean that the action is cold, just the opposite, this is a hot as it comes. These are absolutely raunchy nubile babes out for pure fun. Thus you'll get a chance to see them flashing their tits, taking part in wet t-shirt contests, wearing the sexiest string bikinis you can imagine and whooping it up with the guys, amongst other things.

As I said, they frolic through parties held in Nebraska, Florida spring breaks, Mardi Gras and even bike rallies. It's common to see some of these luscious babes masturbating in front of crowds, and the cameras have even caught girls on girls, as well as girls fucking each other with dildoes and strapons. Of course there are the requisite blowjobs, regular fucking and the occasional hand job too. The site ranges from pretty tame to definitely hardcore action!

I think that the part of this I enjoyed the most is that this is all real video coverage. The makers of these films and pictures are very proud of this fact, by the way.

As for the site, when you enter, the top of the page features the various places that the videos and the pics came from, thus you have a choice of these various sections: After Hours Exposed; Spring Break; Nebraska Parties; Nudes-A-Poppin; Mardi Gras; Party Cove; Miscellaneous Videos; Biker Rally; Coed Interviews; Bonus XXX Video; Streaming Videos.

All together there are an amazing 313 videos. They range in length from between 15 and 120 minutes but let's say most are around 40 minutes long. Each video comes with a preview picture and a short description of what you'll see. Now, the older videos are broken down into two to six minute long clips, while the newer ones are offered as full-length files. Most of the videos are available in Windows Media (.wmv) format, but you'll find that there's a couple of mpg's and avi's thrown in. You even get bonus videos too!

The pictures are generally very good, and they supply you with over 562 photo galleries. Although there are a couple of low-res collections here and there the majority are high-res sets that can be downloaded in Zip files. It's very difficult to say how many pictures there are really, since the galleries contain 15 to 950 pictures in them, but I'll say that they average 350 at least! You'll find, as I did that it is more than obvious that a lot of what goes on in these scenes is definitely not scripted, so everything is very spontaneous and it's real, very real! You'll get to see college keggers, frat parties, and lots more.

Interestingly enough this site started out in a Lincoln, Nebraska dorm room back in 2001. It has now turned into one of the premier college girl flashing sites on the web. The guys who shot the original videos, are still at it, and are still shooting the videos all over where young girls parrrrrrtay and bringing them back to this site. They are very proud to tell you that too!

The site is getting updated very regularly, and in fact I watched one of the piercing videos done this year, where three college girls go to have their nipples pierced. It was both fun to watch as well as being incredibly interesting. The girls all screamed when they got piercedone said that it was the worst pain she'd ever felt in her life. Why did I suppress a chuckle when she said that, anyway? The final girl wanted to not only got her nipples pierced, but her clit hood as well. I won't tell you any more, it will be a surprise for you to watch!


In conclusion, Nebraska Coeds is a very exciting and well-rounded site that delivers hot, but mostly very drunk, college coeds. The site has a very nice varied content, and high-quality material. The action on this site doesn't shy from hardcore action either, and there's no doubting the hot and sexy credentials of these girls. Thus, if you love watching hot young chicks shake their booty, get drunk, naked, and then get really down and dirty with their dudes and often themselves, then you'll definitely enjoy this site. It's definitely a voyeur's site!

Score: 81


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Videos 310+ video clips (about 40 min each)
Pictures 560+ galleries (about 350 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Tons of sexy party content
  • Amateur college girls
  • Exclusive content
  • Weekly updates
  • Navigation and site design troublesome
  • Some downloading took a long time

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