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Lazer Bunny Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-07-12
Last Updated: 2009-07-12

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Among all the other niches, this one is fun and easy on the eyes, besides being basically hard-core. It is filled with mostly young women who are definitely into the Goth styles of music, clothing, hairstyles and impropriety that is the landmark of the Goth lifestyle. As said, the women shown are absolutely beautiful but in a different manner than the usual glamour women we ordinarily see on the porn sites. There is a lot of tattoos, piercings, wildly colored hair and the like, but they still retain their beauty. Most of all they are all sexually not at all repressed like their Mama or Grandma must have been. Back then there was denial of ones sexuality, repugnance at just about anything that was not reproductive sex, religion denial that hammered guilt upon guilt on a girl, repugnance because "nice girls" never did that, and so the total was that there was tremendous repression in general!

The site is extremely well organized, and "home" is where the current very sexy 19 videos reside. They are lined up for you in the middle of the page, with the name of the porn star involved, and the name of the video. Also right there is one large thumbnail of the action inside, flanked by 4-9 smaller thumbnails showing you a bit more of the action inside. The current 19 episodes can be streamed, or if you like downloaded in excellent-quality Windows Media format. You also get a choice of lower quality QuickTime and iPod totally compatible files. The movies are rather long, which is really nice, some playing as long as 30 minutes!

There's a very funky popular tags menu that lists various things on it, such as anal, Asian, big tits, etc., but the best part of that is that the models' names are listed, so that if you have a favorite you can zoom right to her! Choices are rampant on this site, they always want to make sure you find what you want!

There are 101 picture galleries, and they are absolutely fantastic! You'll get a choice of Classic View, Portfolio View, Zoom View, Contact Sheet, and Zipped File! Most of the sets are in Hi-res which makes them have such quality that the pictures seem to almost breathe! The pictures are a healthy mixture of beautiful amateur models as well as very sexy professional adult models.

The "Our Girls" section shows you thumbnail pics of the girls. There's 37 different incredibly hot females shown, and pressing the thumbnail takes you to the photo set of that particular gal!

There's live Cam available, and also a site where they are archived, so that you can watch those if a model has been found extraordinarily pleasing, you may be able to tell her so via the live Cam feature. There's even a Blog that you can read and add to! There are places for stories, and such too!


The site has no bonus sites to offer, and it's not guaranteed anywhere that they will be maintaining the updates, nor when the updates were made in the past, however it's quite a site you should not have to do without if you like firm hard bodies blended with the very ethnic Goth style and look. Also, since October 2008, they have added a substantial amount of videos and pictures! There's a certain "sexual freedom" exhibited in all the videos as well as the pictures that cannot be overlooked. In fact it reminds me a lot of what I know about the hippies in the 60's. There's a correlation there, you'll see if you lived through the hippy culture yourself. Lazer Bunnies is well done, well arranged, and the photographer as well as the videographer are extremely talented, and thus have created a very eye pleasing set of pictures as well as videos. You'll also appreciate that the content is totally unique.

Score: 83


Content Quality Excellent
Pricing Fair


Videos 20+ video clips (about 25 min each)
Pictures 100+ galleries (about 50 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Absolutely stunning photos
  • Superb quality videos
  • Great selection of Goths
  • No bonus sites
  • Some "dark" photos
  • Unknown update schedule