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Jade 38h Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-09-05
Last Updated: 2010-09-05

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Yes, Jade is real, and yes her 38H mammaries are real too, in fact they are not manmade, she actually grew those suckers, and they are all natural, as hard as that is to believe! You notice right away that the male human hand barely covers her areolas! She is an incredibly gracious very down-to-earth lady, which is always nice to know, and she's bisexual. It is unknown if her mighty big boobs in motion register on the Richter scale, but perhaps they should. The heavenly hooters float so well too, that's my favorite always when a girl has huge tits, is to see how well they float! She's 28 years old, voluptuous, curvy and very sexy and was engaged to be married, and is rather submissive and very into BDSM.

While the exact cause of these large breasts is not known, the medical world has a word for it, and it is a rare condition known as gigantomastia. Apparently it is characterized by excessive breast growth during puberty that may actually occur spontaneously, thus we are looking at very rare boobies, indeed! Jade likes interracial sex, as well as gang bangs and lots of three way stuff too! She plays with dildos, corsets, and delightful thigh highs, and her lesbian scenes are absolutely fantastic. The way that she became a "porn star" is that she and her fiance were into swinging for years, and other swingers urged her to get on the Net, and there she is now! Unfortunately she is no longer engaged, so guys you've got a great chance there!

Jade has a tremendous amount of fetishes, among them being BDSM, thus there are a lot of rope bondage scenes as well as those with chains, cages, whips and of course spanking, which considering her delicious big ass makes for an interesting scene! In addition, there are loads of stockings and pantyhose scenes too. If you like pictures of big tits in the great outdoors, there's those too, tons of those as well and if you like lingerie, she also poses in that too. If you like to see her huge boobs getting wet, she has taken loads of showers, and gotten into a lot of pools and hot tubs for you!

You will note that she has a very pretty tramp stamp, which definitely fits Jade. You see she is always referring to herself as a slut

Her videos come on with WMV format, Windows Media, and they play rather well. At the moment there are about 40 videos on the site. Each plays for about 10 minutes. They are amateur shot of course, so at times you'll see the photographer's shadow cross the set or the person being shot, and there are times when the camera is jittery enough to want to yell at the screen something about decaffeinated coffee and soft drinks, but in general they are pretty good.

There are around 200 different picture sets, each holding approximately 40 pictures. The pictures are rather good, and well shot, and there are so many of them you'll undoubtedly keep some too!


In conclusion, for a large tit situation and site, it's pretty well done, and you definitely cannot complain about the size of Jade's tits, which by the way, she feels are still growing! Mentally she handles her size very well and deals with it admirably. She's a definite big girl who can be looked up to as she has a lot of self-confidence and it's all positive! Her tits are positively amazing, and if you into huge tits, you will have a lot of fun with this site. The pictures and the videos of Jade in BDSM mode are the best, but to each his/her own, that's the name of the game!

Score: 84


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Videos 40+ video clips (about 10 min each)
Pictures 200+ galleries (about 40 pics each)

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