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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-02-10
Last Updated: 2010-02-10

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I am of the personal belief that there is a bit of voyeur in each one of us, else why do we go by so slowly when we pass an accident, or slow down when we see something of interest occurring in a window as we walk pass it? Adding hardcore sex to what we would like to see only adds to the sense of needing to watch. This then is the premise of Homegrown Video. They were the first original amateur video company, established since 1982 and are always in the forefront of amateur videos with real life video participants who have filmed their real life sexual and romantic exploits.

On this site you will see many singular categories of amateur porn that range from female on male encounters, very hot solo masturbation scenes, as well as incredibly steamy lesbian videos. Though many sites try, only this site can advertise that there is something here for just about any category of amateur devotee and the site abounds with it too! There are women of every age from 18 onward, every hair color and type, shaved or not shaved, good cocksuckers and bad ones, those who love or hate anal, it just goes on and on, seemingly without ever ending! You will also find that every race imaginable is also available here, and even with multiple entries too.

Currently there are over 6,500 videos on the site, but because of their habit of adding videos (yes, plural!) on a daily basis, when you visit, there will be substantially more! After all it is a trusted site and it's easy to send in your own videos, thus they update frequently and with more than one video per update.

You can watch or download these videos at will in downloadable WMV formats, or you can stream them with FLASH or WMV, or download the newer videos in MP4 formats for your iPod and such. Their downloadable scenes can either be downloaded in short segments or even full scenes. You may keep them forever, as there are absolutely no DRM restrictions on videos. On average they run about 25 minutes long.

As for their pictures, there are over 1,440 photo galleries available. You can set the thumbnails for small, medium, or large, and if you so desire you can have a slideshow presentation of pictures. The pictures are basically quite clear with few exceptions. Each gallery has an average of 100 pictures in it.

With either the videos or the pictures, there is an excellent search engine to be had, so that you can search through the many categories they have. Now, not only can you search those videos aforementioned, but you can also search through their video classics. Also there's ways to maintain your favorites in both movies and pictures that I thought was very nice.

Rather than give you bonus sites, they instead provide you with a hefty collection of very erotic stories as well as jokes, a very active community chat and even a message board. A lot of swingers seem to use those because it's a good way of meeting others that are interested in sex. You'll also love the Homegrown Cams, with ladies that are ready to chat at anytime.

This is a true amateur site, for the people, by the people. You get a great mix of girls and porn here, and with the reduced price we can offer this site is perfect for those of you searching for real amateur porn.


When something works don't fix it, and Homegrown Video definitely is not in need of any fixing, though some of their future plans will definitely embellish the site. With HD videos now available, that's part of what I am looking forward to! Oh, and creampies seem to be the most requested videos lately!

Score: 90


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 6520+ video clips (about 25 min each)
Pictures 1445+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • The sheer size of this site speaks for itself
  • Month's worth of good quality all around
  • Many extras with membership
  • Reduced price for our readers
  • Pictures are not Zipped for download
  • Content does vary in quality, but this is due to it being real amateur submitted content.
  • Classic streams can only be streamed (currently over 2000 of the videos)
  • Design is old and dated

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