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Reviewed by: Tyler on 2014-11-19
Last Updated: 2015-04-14

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So, you're taking a walk in the park, or through the wood, or let's say you are waiting at the bus stop and across the road you see a women hopping from one foot to the other. She needs to pee and he's got to go. She slinks off into the woods and comes back a few minutes later looking much better. She's been having a pee in what she thought was Private. But actually, over there behind that bush, there's the camera for Got 2 Pee and it was rolling. The footage is then loaded up into this new and good looking site and thus becomes exclusive fetish content that you can now access. This is perfect voyeur viewing for all public pissing fans.

There were 102 movies when I was in the site and they were amazing quality. There were MP4 files to stream and download from 320p for mobiles and slow connections right up to 1080p HD. The movies were only short, around two or three minutes each, but the clarity was great, the visuals fine, and there was even neat music to underscore the clips. The girls pee in all manner of places: on benches, in the park, on steps, behind fences, they are seen through railings and from the undergrowth, giving many of the clips a real voyeur feel.

The clips are easy to access as well. You find them all set out neatly on index pages with upload dates shown, and there is an update more or less every day here, certainly around three or four a week when I was in the site. You click one of these neat sample images to find the viewing page and there you've got a large stream screen (Flash, 1,280 x 720) and beneath that a line of downloads. The top resolution I found here was 1,920 x 1,080 5,000 kbps. File sizes are quite small as these are short clips, so that's not a problem.

The movies came with screen caps beneath and there were various numbers of these per clip. They scroll through on a slider and you can click to enlarge them. They click up to a good size here in a player that comes with a slideshow, and you can easily browse through them to get some nice stills. Stills of still waters running deep perhaps - there's a gag there somewhere but I can't find it.

Movies also come with some interactive options. You can give them a vote if you liked them, and you can add them to a favourites area and build up your own best stock of hot pee clips. There are places to leave comments, there are linked tag words to help you find more of the same, a description, and the whole things is set out neatly in a modern and well-designed site. Navigation is easy, there are search options, a newsletter and links to social networking, and I found no technical problems with Got 2 Pee at all, simply neat little girls-peeing clips.


There is exclusive content here had it is a fabulous quality with HD filming and excellent presentation. Got 2 Pee is still a new site so not huge, though over 100 clips are there already and more are coming along frequently. Clips are short but all are on niche, and for lovers of outdoor, public pissing, this is a gem of a site that can't be missed.

Score: 83


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair
Updates Regular
Ads Reasonable


Videos 200+ video clips (about 2 min each)

Pros & Cons

  • Exclusive content
  • All on theme
  • Great quality
  • Frequent updates
  • Clips are very short
  • There's no model index
  • Galleries are screen caps
  • No bonuses or extras

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