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Fuck The Geek Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-10-28
Last Updated: 2013-09-16

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The premise of Fuck The Geek is really cool. Imagine if you will a 40+ year old nerdy male with glasses making it with some incredibly smoking hot beautiful ladies? The dude's name is Logan, and he has created an amazing empire from fucking his way through some truly bodacious ladies. Not to be outdone, his wife, Vixen, gets into the act too with lesbian encounters that are absolutely amazing. Also due to some interesting set up on the site, finding Logan is pretty much like a game of "Where's Waldo." The problem is that there are so many "other" sites in this ChickPass Site Network, that one tends to get bounced around a bit. It's ok, since the chicks you'll see on any of their Network are amazingly beautiful and total fun to watch, but you'll want to go geek hunting too, after all.

Unbelievably, there are 88, yes 88, bonus sites that come with Fuck the Geek! TA Amateurs, Logan and Vixen's World, TA Brunettes, Mini Muff, Swinging Lisa, TA Lesbians, Busty Lavender, Fucking Parties, Lily Anna XXX, Messy XXX, Redhead Mariah, Christina Caylo, Foxy Roxanne, Monica More, Mr. Steven Black, Nutty Natasha, Ebony Anastasia, Petite Leeanna, College Amateurs, Sinful, TA Latinas, Curvy Irish Slut, Iraqi Swinger, Zole Starr, Addison Street, Alviah, Amazing Anna, Amber's Lust, and Andrea's Dreams, Angel Belle. Please note that this list above is only the beginning of the gargantuan list you will be able to work through! That list goes all the way through to the Z's!

Of course, the videos are basically amateur. Many of them are taken at fucking parties that both Logan and Vixen host. The pictures, which you'll see, were regularly shot at these fucking parties, and thus often the photos are more interesting than the videos, since you'll know what you're looking for.

The videos, and there are about 565 of them, come in many different formats. Playback ranges from low to stellar quality and you can download some clips for your iPod or cell phone. Most scenes include three quality settings for WMV, along with Flash and MP4. Sometimes you'll find Quicktime. All videos may be downloaded or streamed and there are no download limits as some sites do. On average they will last about 20 minutes each. The older videos are broken into segments with no full-length download option.

The photo sets are digital imagery, so you can expect perfection in that department. Hi Res photos that are worthy of the best photographers around. The photo galleries are matches with the videos, however actually some of the videos do not come with photo sets, leaving the photo collection at about 440. Each gallery contains approximately 100 dazzling photos. There are also zip files and slideshows for the photos. New galleries are added about twice a week, sometimes much more!

Updates in general can be slow at times, and then all of a sudden you'll realize there's new content. There is no special schedule for updates.

In much of the content of Fuck The Geek, you will find a tremendous amount of orgies, and they are certainly very exciting. I'm sure you'll agree that it brings a new twist to the sex game, and you will find that this will unquestionably be a game you'll want to play and win. It's beyond sexy watching these gorgeous but vicious babes tear the clothes right off of Logan and then suck the cum right out of him. I've had dreams like that, haven't you?


In conclusion, Fuck The Geek is a fun place to be, although a bit confusing, as all the sites are seemingly commingled with other sites, but that's ok, after all what you really want is some good hardcore videos and pictures, and all of these sites truly abound in gorgeous babes all having fun! Most of what you'll see is amateurs, but all of the chicks certainly seem to be very horny, and XXX minded! The accompanying sites, as well as the full-length videos were also very stirring, in fact I witnessed one video that had one 18-year-old girl and five guys, all of which were very horny and really knew how to get her going! This is all true amateur content. In fact loads of the galleries available throughout this site were shot at fucking parties hosted by Logan and his wife, Vixen. The electrifying result is raw, hardcore action. I've always said that there is a lot of difference in content that is shot for the pleasure of the performers and content that is shot purely for a website. Now, it can be said that Logan definitely looks like he's doing it for the fun of it!

Score: 83


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Rare


Videos 565+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Pictures 482+ galleries (about 100 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent bonus sites
  • Pics are Zipped for ease in downloading
  • Huge amount of content with many HD videos
  • Discounted membership price
  • Older content can be lower quality
  • Confusing site
  • Some shared Network content
  • No search function

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