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Exploited Indian Girls Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-04-01
Last Updated: 2009-04-01

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Exploited Indian Girls is just as the title tells you, these are Hindu Indian women who are literally taking their life into their hands to make these films for you, as what they are doing is completely against their beliefs and against their laws. Thus, the quality of these underground films is truly lacking, but on the other hand that's what gives them their allure. Indian women on the whole in this particular site seem to be very submissive, which they are in their real lives. They wish to please, that's very evident.

The women shown are incredibly lovely, and the way that they move their bodies when there is Indian music accompanying them is thoroughly tantalizing. I have never seen a woman move her hips back and forth and from side to side all at the same time. To say that it is sensual is... well, suffice it to say that I was very turned on!

In one of the scenes, a beautiful Indian woman is shown dressed in the full sari that Indian women wear. She moves her body seductively while an Indian radio accompanies her, the music soft and rich as if to urge her on. She begins to strip ever so slowly and so tantalizingly that I was leaning toward my screen almost urging her on!

As the radio continues to play, interspersed by some Indian commercials, the music seems to change and finally she is naked. Her eyes search the camera almost in desperation, as if she wished someone would touch her.

She then lays down keeping her legs together, but as a darker naked Indian woman enters and begins to oil her, she relaxes. The darker naked woman concentrates a lot on the huge soft tits before her. She rubs more and more oil into the luscious Indian skin.

Another woman enters, but she is dressed in a Western-style dress. Together they rub the girl's skin, always looking at the camera. The radio plays on. One of them produces a huge bowl shaped piece of ice, and together they manage to rub that on the one girl's tits, thighs and even her pussy. They finally turn the girl around and maul her asscheeks while one strikes her ass making it jiggle seductively.

Finally, the radio is turned off and the girl lies down once more and begins putting lubrication on a dildo, which she inserts into her pussy with legs spread wide for our delectation. After fucking herself with the dildo, she produces another and puts that up her ass and reinserts the other dildo into her throbbing cunt. She finally discards the dildo that was up her snatch and begins to rub her clit manually while fucking her ass with the remaining dildo. She turns around and a man's hands appear and they play with her ass and the dildo in her ass. He strikes her ass a few times making it rebound with each swat.

Finally she gets on the floor and presents her ass to the camera, reinserts both dildos into herself and continues to fuck herself. At last, she's on her back on the floor, legs widely parted as she fingers herself and rubs her clit, her body rocking back and forth in pleasure. She then cums and thick white girl-cum comes oozing out of her cunt. I came too!


I really cannot recommend you spend your money on a membership to Exploited Indian Girls. It no longer seems to update and the quality of the product is well below average, keep looking.

Score: 45


Content Quality Average
Pricing Expensive


Videos 20+ video clips (about 40 min each)

Pros & Cons

  • The site delivers according to its title.
  • Network access with subscription.
  • Forbidden and taboo sex.
  • Site no longer updates
  • No model info, probably for good reason.
  • Site design rather poor.
  • Video quality one of the worst seen lately.

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