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Dare Dorm Mobile Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2012-01-15
Last Updated: 2013-06-15

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If you will recall what Dare Dorm was all about, it was concerning being able to rake in big bucks for submission of your college dorm doings. Basically that includes all the fucking that goes on, blow jobs, anal sex, all you can eat pussy, lesbian acts, drinking and other sundry antics that college kids get around to. Did I mention getting bombed out of your mind on various booze and playing around with pot and such?

Thus Dare Dorm Mobile presents those amazingly hot photos and videos of Dare Dorm, but now it is all accessible in a user-friendly mobile format. Because of the mobile format, you will find that design and layout have been quite simplified and instead the entire selection of proffered videos is now available as mp4s and 3gps. The point being, of course, that all the cool action will still comprise of all that wild college excitement you loved on the Dare Dorm site, but at this time you can take it with you anywhere utilizing Dare Dorm Mobile.

The same ribald collections of college antics are still there, whether it concerns losing virginity, trying out lesbian contact, and out and out orgies too. You will find that the scenes are amazingly sharp, even though they are presented for mobile utilization. The age of those performing in the videos is about 18 to 24, thus exactly what you would expect from the college crowd. Also, the bodies go from absolutely amazing to just ok. Everything on this site is not guaranteed exclusive because of where they come from, but my guess is that they are indeed exclusive.

The current count of videos available is 61, which granted is rather small, but they do play for about 60 minutes, which is pretty long, or should we say long enough to do what you wish to do during the playing of said video. The videos are definitely not in HD quality, and its very difficult to judge when updates are being accomplished if at all. Their scenes certainly appear to be all exclusive considering the dorm theme. Because it all takes place in dorms, you do have a good ethnic spread available. However, since its all filmed in the dorms at an amateur level the submitted by the students, lighting is occasionally an issue, as is the photographic quality. Their videos come with a trailer, which is great in assessing the contents of any of the videos ahead of time.

Once you land on a page with a movie, you will also see the pictures available with regard to that particular movie. Thus you will find 61 picture albums, though I have found it difficult to open some of them, thus I cannot report how many are usually included in each album. However, an educated guess puts it at about 35 pictures in each. The pictures are darn good, but unfortunately they are not Zipped for download.

Now because this is a mobile site, you will not be getting all the other sites that you would ordinarily if you went to their regular site, you know all the bonus sites? As for updates, there is a problem because you cannot tell when things were updated at all, there is no log nor do dates show when they were updated.


In conclusion, if you are searching for young and youthful antics that involve all manner of sex including fucking, sucking of dicks, lesbian kisses and more, and even orgies, then this particular mobile site should definitely give you what you desire. Its a smallish site though, and do not expect the bonus sites this company usually gives out.

Score: 78


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Rare


Videos 61+ video clips (about 30 min each)
Pictures 61+ galleries (about 35 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Videos can play for as long as 60 minutes
  • Scenes are amazingly sharp
  • Good quality pictures
  • Great discounted full access price for our readers
  • Small site
  • Unknown updates
  • No Zipped pictures
  • Quality can differ due to different submitters

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