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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-05
Last Updated: 2013-08-07

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Mostly by threes, sometimes by four or more, Club Bisexual allows you to revel in bisexual encounters. The three many be two males with one female, or two females with one male, but the point is that they crave the sexual encounters no matter what the "formula" is! The action is raw, hard-core and at once sensuous. At times it is six pairs of hands and three mouths that know not which sex they will encounter; yet all will be sexually satisfied. You will see beautiful bodies of both genders taking part in truly enjoying what only a bisexual person can enjoy. It is passions that set the mood, not the gender, nor the desires of any of them, and no matter what they have a passionate encounter above all.

The models involved, whether male or female are mostly the epitome of beautiful They truly are the cream of the crop. You will see blowjobs, females eating out females, females who pound their artificial cocks deep into the entrails of men with a strapon, as well as the occasional tranny too! Occasionally you'll also be presented with group sex, where guys go after guys or women, it just really does not matter when everyone is bisexual!

There are currently over 915 fantastic videos to watch or download. As far as myself, I loved being able to stream their movies giving me full fast-forward functionality. Of course, I could also download those movies and keep them for my own permanent bi porn collection. The majority of the videos are in amazing Windows Media files, but here and there you will also find some MPEGs too.

Each of the videos has a short description of what you will see, which I greatly love, and some screencaps of the actual action you'll see which is also a nice touch. Most of the videos seem to last at least 30 minutes each but you will be informed as to running time of each, another nice touch. You'll also find that the videos have been made everywhere around the world, thus some speak English, some don't. .

What's more there are currently over 7,600 high-res. photos that have been placed into 168 exceptional sets highlighting this sexual action for you to see, and yes drool over, as the pictures are magnificent. The pictures are all Zipped for ease in downloading. The majority of the picture sets hold approximately 100 pictures in each. These are all professionally taken too.

As if all the pictures and movies are not enough, there are other exciting things being offered such as 86 excellent original stories that you will truly love reading. They got me in the mood instantly and will definitely get your juices flowing! This site is ingenious enough that I found it very difficult to move off of! And there's even more, you will also receive two bonus sites. One is entitled Shemale Movie Vault, and the other is Shemale Mov. In addition you'll be able to watch over 52 video feeds that feature trannys, gays and straight portrayals. They are also updating steadily, thus you'll receive new stuff every couple of days!

Not everything presented in Club Bisexual is exclusive, some comes from other sites, carefully picked out when it's bisexual in nature, but unless you've been looking at many other sites, you may not even realize it. You may download at will, as there are no DRM restrictions at all. The site itself is rather plain, but then some people like that rather than getting bewildered by too many choices.


In conclusion, if you are seeking real and true bisexual content, it will be very difficult to go past Club Bisexual. They have apparently worked very diligently at amassing the videos and pictures that you will see. They update frequently, which is a big plus, and the models in the films and pictures are all good-looking and definitely bisexual. The site itself is quite huge, and you'll have no problems getting around either. Quality is excellent on both videos and pictures, and it's obvious that this site cares to maintain the quality. Content is not exclusive, and there are two additional bonus sites.

Score: 84


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 655+ video clips (about 30 min each)
Pictures 168+ galleries (about 45 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Good sized collection that includes high quality videos
  • Regular updates of both videos and pictures
  • Excellent download options
  • No model index
  • Non-exclusive content
  • Plain site

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