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Andrea Nobili Productions Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-11-30
Last Updated: 2020-09-14

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This site is shemale porn, Italian style! You've never seen such beautiful Brazilian, Italian Asian and Argentinean shemales in your life, they are perfection themselves and as female as can be until you get a gander at their throbbing cocks, of course! Many fetishes are represented here too, such as uniforms and stocking to pumping and yes, fisting!

What will you see here? Well, the greatest looking females you want to lay your eyes on, except that they are all shemales, thus they're hiding a humongous cock in there somewhere. The site is definitely hard core and is downright resplendent with loads of cock jerking, ass fucking, dick blowing, and loads of loads cumming! You will also get to see threesomes, and some fisting that is very interesting! It is so unfortunate that everything is in Italian and there are no subtitles provided, because a lot of it looked like it was rather interesting if only I spoke the language!

One of the things I did like about the site is that not just Italian shemales were represented. You will also get to see black, white as well as bronze shemales, all of which are super feminine until *cough* errlater!

There are currently 100 different movies. Each lasts approximately 32 minutes long, and can be downloaded as full-length videos. They come in Mp4 format so that you may play them on your iPod. Each of the movies has a short clip as well as a small write up about it so that you do not have to download it and then find out it's not to your taste, or what you're in the mood for. The quality of the movies is mostly excellent except for a very few, so you'll truly enjoy what you get here. These movies can be streamed using their Flash format. The site has no license restrictions thus you may download at will.

If you are a picture collector, there are many here. There are over 100 galleries with approximately 120 pictures in each gallery. The pictures are in Zipped files for ease in downloading. I love their models section. Each model has her name shown, and two pics of her, one as a total female, and one showing you her erect cock as well! Thus far there are 91 amazing models! The one complaint thought is that they need some sort of biographical information, which at present has nothing presented like that.

Many of the shemales here are in Domme mode, though some of them do switch, but all appear to be extremely buxom! Meanwhile you may be interested that Andra is a shemale and she was born in Bologna, Italy in 1958. She has been in 102 adult films, directed 31 of them, and has written 5. Of course she also runs Andra Nobili Productions. Updates happen about once a week with one photo set and a video update. Everything here is dated so that you can see when things were updated, which is always a nice touch.


In conclusion, if you are seeking some very buxom shemales with huge cocks, this is the place for you! Unfortunately they only seem to speak Italian, but they are fabulous to look at! Quality of the films is quite good as is the quality of the pictures, and they've made the films available for portable video formats.

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Content Quality Very Good
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Videos 100+ video clips (about 32 min each)
Pictures 100+ galleries (about 120 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Content is exclusive
  • Excellent quality videos
  • Portable video format
  • No bonuses
  • Variable quality content
  • No model bio info