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A Measure Of Curiosity Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-03-15
Last Updated: 2011-03-15

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It's called "A Measure of Curiosity" because when you view a good looking woman, your curiosity is instantly piqued wondering how she'd look stripping and posing naked for you, well now you'll be able to know! Actually this is going to become one of the better sites for the underserved niche of stripping. There is a lot of anticipation and pure enjoyment of seeing girls get naked. Most of the models on this site are Eastern European and most are exceedingly attractive. The site is basically soft core so do not expect more, and it's very sexy. Basically you can say that the site is naughty and nice erotica! A short description of the site is seeing them naked is fun, but seeing how they got there can be a whole lot more fun!

The entire site has been divided up for you, so that you'll have a choice of Solo Strips (consisting of photos and videos of girls undressing themselves), Audition Strips (photos and videos of girls being undressed by others), Audience Strips (photos and videos of girls undressing in front of others) as well as photo stories where some of the female characters end up naked. In addition, and I really like this part, you have a section aptly called "With and Without" where you can see some of their girls with and without their clothes! With and without was one of my favorite things available on this site.

As for the pictures on this site, they are all very well professionally done, and they do all come Zipped for ease of download. There are 16 different photo sets in the solo category with approximately 45 pictures in each. Audition strips have 25 photo sets with approximately 40 items in each. There are 17 audience strips, with approximately 40 items in each. The stories have 20 sets with approximately 48 items in each. Grand total= 78 sets with an average of about 43 pictures in each. All the pictures are in Hi res, and everything on the site is definitely exclusive.

I love that there is a model index here, but otherwise, they've mixed all the pictures with the videos, making selection difficult. Once you are acclimated to doing so, it's not bad at all though.

Videos are in MP4 format, and each lasts on average of 6 minutes each, although in the solo strips there is a compendium of them that runs for about 10 minutes, there are 9 videos in the Audition strips, and 5 videos in the Story ones. Thus, there are about 15 videos running about 6 minutes long. You will have a choice of either high quality or low quality for your download.

Granted, A Measure Of Curiosity certainly will not be for everybody, although anyone can probably look through the site and stimulate themselves for a while. However, to really be turned on by this very casual strip-teasing as well as its storylines, it may be better if you have this as a fetish. It's unique and it's fun. It's as if you've returned to boyhood and are peeking at girls changing for gym class or something like that. It's downright charming, fun, sexy and downright erotic.


In conclusion, this site is erotic and basically soft core. But, it's also charming, sexy and very erotic. Great for voyeurs, or those who fancy themselves as being able to peek into a lady's boudoir to see her strip. Full nudity is portrayed without the hard-core portions. It's often a funny site too.

Score: 75


Content Quality Good
Pricing Cheap
Updates Regular


Videos 15+ video clips (about 6 min each)
Pictures 78+ galleries (about 43 pics each)
Models 50
Articles 16

Pros & Cons

  • Highly original conceptualization
  • Exclusive content
  • Interesting storyline feature
  • Too few videos
  • Navigation is a bit weird