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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-05-18
Last Updated: 2009-05-18

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Sexy Babes is a nice name for such a wondrous site filled with yes, you got it, sexy babes, but it truly seems a shame that they've chosen an URL for their site that has tv in it! Yes, I know that the .tv does not mean that its a transvestites site, but because my mind seemingly runs in the gutter all the time, I thought for a moment that it was a transvestite site. But then that's the problem with some domain names. The extensions of .tv, I am told, mean that it is globally recognized, or that it will signify entertainment. Oh, and what entertainment this is!

Sexy Babes delivers everything that the title promises, and then some! ALL the women featured on Sexy Babes are stunning, provocative and best of all naked! When Sexy Babes says that they have amassed the world's sexiest porn stars and glamour models, they are definitely not lying or just boasting hollowly! Expect to see the sexiest women, and you will not be disappointed.

When you first enter the site there's some very easy to understand layout features as well as navigation functions available and for us dummies, its even labeled site navigation in bold all uppercase letters! Some of the navigation suggestions will let you peruse only pictures, or only videos, and of course they also have an up-to-date list of top 20 girls that I found quite handy. Because membership also includes bonus sites, there's even a navigation button that takes you to those sites, as well!

At last count there were 500 different babes available, and counting. Keep in mind that many of the babes are repeat stars only because of their popularity with the viewers. The majority of their videos are soft core and entails solo babes. There are however, a few hardcore videos consisting mainly of lesbian contact and a few threesomes, but a lot of the older ones do involve males with the females. At writing there are over 300 movies available. Most of the videos last an average of 15 minutes or more. The Windows Media format enables you to play these in crystal clear quality. You are provided with a thumbnail picture, the rating of the video by the members, and its aggregate score. The latest videos are HD videos.

There are 2,380 photo shoots available by my count! With an average of 100 pics per shoot, you can see that you're going to be incredibly busy! There's no DRM protection, thus you can download them into your hard drive to keep your favorites as there's no download limit either. As typical of good sites, you may download them in Zip files. The pictures are amazing in super Hi res!

The cost of the site is reasonable too. As for bonus sites, 6 of the 8 sites that come free with Sexy Babes have the word babe in them, just to give you an idea of what a tremendous niche-filler this will be for you!


In conclusion, what's not to like about a site that has this many luscious, stunningly provocative babes in it? The quality of both the babes and the photography are at the peak of superiority, as are the photos in their photo shoots. The navigation is as easy as can be, even for a totally Porn for Dummies reader! The cost is especially reasonable, given the utter quality of not only this site, Sexy Babes, but also the 8 bonus sites that you will receive!

Score: 90


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 280+ video clips (about 20 min each)
Pictures 2100+ galleries (about 230 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • All babes are totally hot
  • Quality throughout
  • Great price for ultra-quality
  • Occasional non-exclusivity
  • Bonus sites may feature some of the same babes

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