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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2010-01-17
Last Updated: 2010-01-17

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Very Good

As soon as you enter this site, you have plenty of decisions to make. At the top you will see Other Sites, Foxmagazine, Genesis, Gent, GirlNextDoor, Just19, Legaction, Plumpersandbw, Swank, Swank Pass, TrannyKingz, and finally Velvet. But, a wee bit lower, you will see Home, Movies, Photos, Articles, Favorites, Celeb Corner, Bonus Content, Dating, Magazine Issues, Swank Store, Live Cams and finally Support! Whew, I am going to need support after I go through all of those! Alright, let's go for the known entity first - Movies.

First, it appears that there are about 290 movies to choose from. Each of the movies has a medium sized thumbnail, the name of the featured actress, the date it was added to the site, and how long it's going to run for. It would appear that most of them run for about an average of 40 minutes, but they all run different times. The default on that movie page is to sort by Date Added, but you can also have them sorted in Model/Set Name or Popularity if you so desire. Or you can take matters into your own hands, no not yet, and just browse the alphabet until you find a model who turns you on!

What will you see? Well, tons and tons of hardcore fucking, sucking, girl-on-girl, ass fucking, three-ways, and a couple of orgies.

Once you pick a movie you'd like to see, you must decide if you wish WMV High, Medium or Low format, and if you desire to download or play the movie. These come in clips or sections. However, if you wish to simply Flash the movie you may do that in MP4 High, Medium or Low format to see the entire movie. Or, you may download the entire movie too, and not in sections. See, lots of decisions.

You'll observe some amazing close up fucking, so that you almost feel as if you are there. The sound is excellent and you'll hear each and every sensuous moan, scream and the gushy wet slap, slap, slap of an excited cunt being roughly fucked, sometimes it's coming from being fucked in the ass too! There are some interracial movies too.

About the pictures, wow, they are fabulous, case in point, is Lady Spice. Now she has an F cup bra size! She's a black African American with very light brown skin, but no matter how you look at her, your eyes just go to those incredible mammary glands of hers! She has about 210 pictures of her, going from dressed to, "oh, my God, will you look a those!"

Each photo set has a different amount of photos in it, but it appears that the average is about 150 pictures per set, and there are approximately 850 photo sets on the site. The pictures are all ready for you in Zipped form for easy download, and many of them are either in hi-res, or close to hi-res.

Now, because D Cup is also a real print magazine you'll love all these other mags too, that now have a computer presence. That's what those other sites were that were at the top of the page, those are your bonus sites. Besides those you'll also get 52 video feeds as well.


In conclusion, this site if filled to overflowing just like each model's bra is. There's plenty here to keep you happy for a long time, and then you can move onto their bonus stuff, which is also quite full of goodies. The pictures are fantastic as are the movies; many of them showing you close ups that most sites won't show, lest you catch onto imperfections in their models.

Score: 85


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Fair


Videos 290+ video clips (about 40 min each)
Pictures 850+ galleries (about 150 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Zipped photo sets
  • Very good to great-quality videos
  • Hi res. photo sets
  • Occasional nonexclusive content
  • Confusing ads for other sites within this site

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