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Chubby Loving Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-10-24
Last Updated: 2009-10-24

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Chubby Loving is a fetish site for those who love their women ample, big, or downright obese. The site holds many examples of relatively thin women all the way up to gargantuan women. There are a plethora of plus-sized beauties here, many of which are terribly cock hungry too! It's a hardcore site that features the chubby women pleasuring themselves, playing with lesbian women or just taking part in some very hardcore fucking and sucking sessions. Many of those ladies can only be adequately described as gorgeously voluptuous while others are simply corpulent. They are all beautiful in their own right though, and considering how big the fetish demand is for the larger women, their viewers are going to absolutely love them!

The site is basically an amateur site, which also means that occasionally there are videos that are not up to professional par, and the pictures may sporadically be a little bit under lit, but none of this is enough to mar the site at all. I once heard a good line that described why one guy loved chubby chicks. He said, "There's nothing a skinny chick can do that a big babe can't do a ton and a half better." That pretty much covers the litany of how many men feel about Big Beautiful Women.

The hefty honeys that are on this site have huge soft breasts, none of which are medically enhanced through boob jobs, thick shapely thighs that can trap a man's face into service very easily, with beautiful bubble butts that a man can handle without fear of breakage, and thick lipped wet pussies that will have you going for sure! If you are a lover of women with meat on their bones that have beautiful eyes, smiles and faces, you've come to the correct site.

The site says that they have over 130,000 hi resolution chubby/bbw images in many categories including cumshots, blowjobs, hairy, ethnic, lesbian, fetish and more! Every picture set is zipped up and ready for download to your hard drive to keep and enjoy forever!

The site also entices us by saying that there are 281 full length chubby videos - nobody has more BBW porn DVDs, guaranteed! You will be downloading high quality MPG/WMV movies until the cows come home! They go on to say that they also provide preview images (500,000+) so that you can check the movie out before you download! FYI All movies are MPG/WMV files you can keep and play forever (NO DRM!) There is always a current list of full length Chubby DVDs available to download, too.

So, opening up the site you will find a welcome and the headers Home, DVDs, Exclusives, Pics, Extras, Faves, Old Spunkers, and Help. Curious as to what the exclusives section contained, I clicked that. It opens to show you the 61 beautiful models, with large thumbnails, that have created exclusive pictures and videos for the site. Click on one and there's a wonderful bio shown giving you all the stats you could possibly want, and showing you the movies and pics that she's made so that you may choose.

On this site of BBW's there are way over 1,600 picture sets, containing at least 75 pictures in each. They are all available in Zipped sets for ease in downloading. All of the pictures are of very high quality, and are almost all professional studio shots.

The non-exclusive portion of videos, are features clips/scenes from actual DVDs. They come in MPG and WMV formatted clips and are quite downloadable. Full-length movies last about 30 minutes long, though you can download them as clips for ease in handling.


All in all, with the additional site that you'll receive free called "Old Spunkers" which is a definite granny site, you should enjoy Chubby Loving quite well. The women shown on the site, especially in the Exclusives section are good sized, and should satisfy a chubby lover. The gals are brazen in their sexual exploits that are very nice to watch. They are totally uninhibited, which says a lot about the exclusive models that are in that section. I often wish that more women could be as uninhibited. The site is chock full of good material, and I did find the bonus site somewhat funny, but your mileage may vary on that one.

Score: 82


Content Quality Very Good
Pricing Cheap


Videos 281+ video clips (about 30 min each)
Pictures 1600+ galleries (about 70 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Some exclusive picture and video content
  • Huge collection
  • 1 additional bonus site
  • Weekly updates
  • Plainly designed site
  • Could enhance navigability
  • Not all is exclusive content

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