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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2011-03-15
Last Updated: 2011-03-15

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Sometimes you can get a lot out of the title of the site, and in this case it's very aptly described. You will get to see a lot of gorgeous Brazilian females who definitely have that Latina look that so many seek. As to content, well that's harder to describe. It is definitely amateur, that's certain. And it is softcore, though there is complete nudity, but most of what happens is dancing to music that should be described as tribal with a lot of drums, but it's a turn on if you like Latinas dancing naked and jiggling their tight, brown bodies for you. You will also see some light bondage/fetish material such as in one video a Brazilian nubile female is tied up naked and in another, two hotties are hung upside down naked while another babe wearing tribal face paint dances around them and scratches them with her nails or pretends to poke them with a stick. Everything is very tame indeed.

What will you see? There's a tremendous amount of dancing, all of it totally naked, which is definitely a plus, and much of it should be described as very sensual. As mentioned, there is a touch of light bondage that's interesting to see. There's also a touch of lesbian contact to be had, but mostly you will like the genuineness of the babes, the totally carefree spirit that they show. Let's put it this way, it's all extremely ethnic and the greater majority of it relies on jungle torture, though not the BDSM heavy kindit's more pretend than anything. If anything I'd like to say that the site simply reeks of genuineness and that genuineness is absolutely and purely Brazilian which is refreshing. After all, it seems as if all other Brazilian sites are either totally hard core or trannies.

Currently there are 44 picture sets, with an average of about 45 pictures per set. The site has no download limits, nor any DRM protection, so you may download all you wish. Pictures are Zipped for ease in downloading. There is no model index, nor anything about the models, though they all appear to be amateurs. Most of the pictures are very professional and ultra clear.

As for their videos, currently there are approximately 38 videos and they run on average approximately 15 minutes each. Movies are shown in streaming Flash and can be downloaded as AVI. Movies are Zipped for ease in downloading them.

Content is definitely exclusive, and it is unknown when they update. There is no schedule posted, nor are the updates dated. The entire site relies on simplicity, whether it's the sets, the set up, the music etc. Thus, the only thing that is not simple are the models, some of them are downright gorgeous, especially if you are looking for the typical Brazilian hottie!

In these days, seems that a site is just not complete without offering a bonus or a freebie of some sort. Unfortunately there are no freebies nor bonuses here. The entire site relies on the premise that you will see, as the name implies, Brazil Amateurs.


In conclusion if you are seeking authentic Brazilian sensuous females, chances you'll love this. It is totally softcore though the girls are nude. The majority of it is rather ethnic in nature with a lot of dancing to tribal music that contains a lot of drums. The greater majority of the themes involve the jungle and there are absolutely no trannies in this Brazilian site.

Score: 77


Content Quality Very Good
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Updates Rare


Videos 38+ video clips (about 15 min each)
Pictures 44+ galleries (about 45 pics each)

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  • Exclusive content
  • Hi quality videos
  • Hi quality pictures
  • Zipped contents
  • Small archive
  • Slow updates
  • No bonus sites