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Brain Pass Review

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Reviewed by: LittleO on 2009-10-24
Last Updated: 2014-04-02

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Brain Pass is another of the hardcore porn mega-sites. They believe in performing updates, as there is an update daily if you consider all the sites! I do not believe that you could name a category of porn that will not be covered under this pass, as there are roughly 62 full access sites that come with it! I have had the pleasure of reviewing may mega sites, but this particular one is going to get a very high rating for both quality and quantity of content. Also, cannot forget its overall presentation and the attention given to each site individually and the network as a whole. If you decide that you deserve some really GOOD porn, this deal was made for you!

To say that this site is diverse is putting it mildly, they take you to a plethora of different porn and back again, and the ride is always so damn sweet too. However, do not get me wrong, the greater majority of what you'll receive through Brain Pass is just good old sex. By that I mean that you will see tons of stripping models, blowjobs, regular fucking, ass fucking, cream pies, and facials. How they achieve all of that and with whom is what's exciting about Brain Pass.

When you enter the site with your name and password, you are also given another code that you'll use to get into all the sites. At this point you'll probably notice that it's no longer Brain Pass but now is Porn Star Network. Frankly, I did not care what it's called as long as I got in and could start perusing the network porn mega site.

There are 68795+ videos to see, 10,538 different porn stars, and 3190+ picture sets to be viewed! The breakdowns themselves are fascinating. For instance there are 4523 cumshots to be viewed, 957 blowjobs, and 188 dealing with a foot fetish. 1099 of the videos have natural tits in them! 3253 of them concern anal sex too.

There are also 925 DVDs to be watched as well! And there are currently 55 different sites to visit too! No matter where I went or whatever I wanted to see it all happened so fast, I was very impressed. Even long lasting videos loaded right away, and did not stop at all once begun.

Of course it's absolutely amazing just how much content there is here! Over and over again I also saw some pretty big schlongs, and they were being fitted into a plethora of slim girls who I thought for sure might just break in two from having to accommodate such ruthless fucking. It's amazing, is it not, how the female human body can accommodate such huge cocks? One thing's for sure, the big cocks make them moan like mad as they get fucked with them!

The assfucking scenes were even more fascinating, as were the DP ones, which by the way stands for double penetration. Loved those for sure!

Lest I forget for you who love the three ways, there's loads of that, and two couples switching is not left out either.

Nor are the lesbian videos and pictures either. They too abound. I also liked that the sites were rated, a few having no stars, and once in a while a site or other was even rated five stars. I'll let you go find out which are five star locations yourself, wouldn't want to take away the surprises that are in store for you! One of the surprises, I encountered though was going to the site named The Lucky Man: Two may be company, three is a crowd and more than that many ladies means a man who is suddenly very, very lucky. This reverse gangbang site provides every guy with a group of hot gals. It was quite a site for those who wish to dream about such things. Guess, that's just about every guy, because I saw very few who were interested at the time when I was there, but I thought it a great site!


Brain Pass is a network that will gather to the taste of a wide area of adult surfers. Its main strength is the variety and diversity of sites as well as the decent quality of what you see. Instead of focusing on just one niche, they cover a lot of them and that is excellent in my opinion. Good content quality, daily updates make it a good pick for anyone looking after a big amount of porn videos/pics in various categories. I highly recommended that you join.

Score: 90


Content Quality Good
Pricing Fair
Updates Daily


Videos 68795+ video clips (about 25 min each)
Pictures 3190+ galleries (about 200 pics each)

Pros & Cons

  • Exclusive content
  • Basically mostly very nice quality hardcore scenes
  • Many of the sites experience daily updates
  • Huge amount of sites included with your membership
  • A few of the sites not updating at all
  • Some of the sites deliver average-quality videos
  • Basically there are no hi-res. photos

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